Castor Oil

I really don't know what castor oil is.

As a boy I heard it was good for you but my mom didn't believe in that, so I never had to take it.

My grandmother thought whiskey prevented colds (my brother coincidentally seemed oddly prone to colds) but my mom didn't believe in my grandmother either so in time the whiskey cure was banished from the house.

The point is we all have beliefs about what's good for us and they often involve prevention on the front-end. We call that investment. Remember? An ounce of prevention?

So let's take some preventative medicine for our careers.

Build vs Repair

  • So many of my peers are skilled communicators. I mean really skilled. Designers, artists, creators, recruiters, engineers, developers. I am fascinated by the energy of these people. They're really good at creating and continuing relationship across multiple platforms. One thing they share is that they “build” relationships – they don't “repair” them. Its much easier and more beneficial to keep investing in relationship than it is to come back peridocially a la “drive by” and attempt to retouch them. Building is commitment: repair is commiserate. Investing is simply taking action now for future benefit: investing in long term relationships is what builds networks. And careers.

Game Plan

  • Wanna have a great career? Invest in a plan. I've noticed something in the recruiting I do: planning is age-independent. Talked with a 20-ish recruit this week: changed careers once, going back to school again, effective time-management skills, focused. At 20 something. She has a plan and although plans can change, she's not out there wandering around aimlessly like the zombies left over from Hallow's Eve. Get a plan. Follow it. Tweak it. Follow it again. Planification, as W might call it, is critical to having a career that goes somewhere. Develop yours so you can make the journey instead of just take a ride.


  • No one loves you as much as you. It seems people go to one of two extremes: egoistic self-centered-ness at the exclusion of anyone else or selfless denial and prostration. Yet the truth is there is in fact a happy safe middle we can occupy as rational and healthy adults: self-centered love. Its a loving thing to acknowkedge our strenghts, to feel good about our achievements and believe that the things we do make a difference. Its also loving to recognize flat spots, areas of improvement and to examine the ways we can relate to ourselves and to others in a better way. Being self-centered isn't an ego trip: its loving yourself first so you can love others as well.

Preventative care for your car, your home or your heart is all about playing for the long-term, doing things today that will help us tomorrow.

Wasting time is wasting precious talent, so whether its castor oil or whiskey, cold showers, long morning runs or meditation with a single candle take time to invest in the things now that will make you feel better about your self and your life.

Invest in your career as well as yourself so it too can be happy and healthy for the long term.

And if you catch a cold, well, my brother has a cure for that.



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