Best Blogs 8 November 2013

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another edition of Best Blogs!

This week we have voices in the dark, a little bit of Frankenstein and a whole lotta ego going on.

Best Blogs is a weekly curation of leading thinkers and writers in organization behavior. Its intended to highlight innovative people to get their ideas more exposure. Please share these works broadly with others so they too can realize the benefits of their efforts!

Gemma Reucroft points out that sometimes that little voice in your head isn't actually your conscience (remember conscience folks?) but in truth the sound of your employees talking to you. Are you listening? Once again Gemma takes the seemingly nebulous notion of a disembodied idea – employee “voice”? – and puts it into terms even I can understand. Listen, learn, and act. Or I will send @HR_Gem your phone number

Justin Harris wants to avoid a mentor mashup in your future. Although it seems obvious now having read his fine post the truth is a single mentor is not going to provide all or even most of our needs. Read about Justin's intelligent diversification theory to avoid ending up with a pastiche patina of platitudes from your mentor. See more of his sound advice @UnlikelyHRGuy

Julie Waddell refuses to go to work today. No, she's not calling in sick she's calling in healthy, as in sound of mind. Why, she argues, do we spend time (and fossil fuel) travelling to and fro an 'office' absent a real need. Seeing customers? Business meeting? Of course. Just because? No. All that commuting time may actually be lessening work quality as well as quantity. Julie wants to work. She just doesn't want to go there. See why @JAWaddell

Richard Westney knows there's no such thing as a free lunch. The ubiquitous white paper, survey results, breakthrough theory, et al is more often than not nonsense. Or more accurately pablum reduced to nonsense. Designed not to enlighten you but to ensnare you. Read Richard's thoughts on the matter and his other pressing ideas @HRManNZ

Heather Kinzie needs you you to let go. Of ego and selfishness. In this well-written summary of life on the front lines Heather recounts what happens when adults let their inner child come out. At work. See why ego is not all its cracked up to be (by us) and find more rational and real input from Heather @LeadingSolution

If you ever find yourself a little lost in the management maze that is the modern workplace, these leading edge thinkers will show you the way forward.

Every week #Best Blogs strives to find noteworthy, relevant and useful ideas for all of us to use and improve our lot – and those of our customers! – in the world of work. We celebrate innovation and application in Best Blogs: these people and those included in past editions have been there and done that!

Come back in another seven days' for another curation and be sure to check the archives for other extraordinary thinkers.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!



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