Best Blogs 15 November 2013

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another edition of Best Blogs!

This is the weekly curation of workplace blogs dedicated to different thinking, leading perspectives and emerging thought about organization behavior. Writers featured in Best Blogs are practitioners and actively engaged in improving the world of work. They're solving problems, not simply identifying them!

Every seven days we scour the web looking for the best to share with you and your colleagues. Please help spread the word and work of the fine writers and thinkers who make up every collection of Best Blogs!

Julie Waddell knows that context drives and alters meaning. In this remarkably clear post she illustrates why asking rote questions in the workplace leads to useless and listless answers. Want to increase the meaning and power of your conversations? Read Julie. See more @JAWaddell

Virtual HR Doctor reminds us again to do what's healthy not only in body but in mind. Yes, there are all sorts of opportunities in front of us exciting and perhaps enriching. But what of the cost? How can we balance demands and desires while we make a living even as we try to live a life. Read the Dr to find out.

Doug Shaw is busy making doodles. And wondering why you aren't as well. In this delightfully refreshing write Doug asks us to reflect on the things we “know” we can't do – and test those same assumptions. Art for work's sake is a clear and confirming acknowledgment that we all have talents, interests and joys: let us indulge them. More of Doug's brilliant ideas can be found @DougShaw1

Michael Cardus wants us to learn from our mistakes. The only challenge is sometimes we don't know we've made them. In this tract Michael helps us better uncover these learning opportunities while thinking differently about them. Follow more of Michael's insight @TeamBuildingNY

Alli Polin shares the secret to getting more of what you want in life: ask for it! In this poignant and on-target script Alli relates how adults limit themselves and their realization of goals by hesitating to simply ask for things. See how Alli can help you change what you get and check @AlliPolin for more ideas

Wow, what a stimulating and interesting collection of ideas this week!

Best Blogs shares new ideas and sometimes reminds us of the tried and true as we adapt and adopt what works in the world of work. Please share these innovative and adventuresome thinkers broadly and check the archives for past editions and interesting writes!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends, and come back in another seven days' time for another edition of Best Blogs!




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