Best Blogs 22 November 2013

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs, the weekly curation of the world at work.

Slowly we begin the transition to fall here in the heart of Texas and in so doing uncover gems all around us bursting with new life for the change of season much as the writers referenced here do. We have egos, lists, discovery, amazement and if you're not careful, a little insight about yourself as well.

Best Blogs captures the best of organization leadership and behavior found over the last week. These writers and thinkers are innovative, creative and practical: please share them broadly with your colleague to help discussions about their important ideas grow!

Bernadine Herlihy doesn't have a lot of time (can you squeeze a shower into the day?) and therefore knows how to use it. In this simply elegant write she outlines how we can each become not just more productive but in fact more effective. In minutes a day. Even taking the time to do nothing is something. See more of Bernadine's solutions for life and work @TheMgmtMaven

Dawn Lennon is not amused. Or amazed. Once again with clarity and the laser-like precision she is known for Dawn asks us to think about the words we use at work, and more important, the context in which we use them. More than just a matter of choosing carefully Dawn shows us why the supporting framework adds so much to the story itself. Do yourself a favor: choose both wisely and read more @BusinessFit

Cynthia Bazin knows a lot about smart decision-making. Here she helps us prepare for the holiday season by outlining ten things we ought not do. That's right – don't do these. Cynthia knows that holidays bring family and friends and habit and tradition – some of each that might be unhealthy. Read this accessible plan to help get your holiday season off to an emotionally mature start, and check back with @TheSmartChic for more ideas

Chery Gegelman asks us to consider leadership in a vacuum. Are you being sequestered? Feeling more and more out of touch even though the view from the corner is fantastic? Get up and get out. Chery confirms once again that the more we ask the more we learn and in this beautiful analogy reminds us to walk around. More of her fine work can be found @GianaConsulting

Tana Heminsley isn't always happy. And that's okay. In this clean affirmation Tana writes not only about the appropriateness of different feelings throughout the day but offers a practice of acknowledging their variation even as we move through them. A frank and helpful note showing we can choose the way we want to feel even as we live in a world of ups and downs. Tana's leadership remarks are @TanaHeminsley

Another powerful collecting of stimulating thought!

Best Blogs captures the ideas of writers adding innovation, value and perspective to the world of world. Its our hope you'll share these fine thinkers with others to generate discussion about living and life in organizations.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends, and come back in another seven days' time for another edition of Best Blogs!




One thought on “Best Blogs 22 November 2013

  1. Christopher, I am again touched to be included in this week’s Best Blogs and by your enthusiasm for the topic and my treatment of it. You have a unique talent for extracting the nuggets and offering them up for your readers to consider. It makes me blush (in a good way)! So thanks again for your support. ~Dawn

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