Best Blogs 29 Nov 2013

The Thanksgiving edition of Best Blogs arrives!

Weekly we capture posts related to work and organizational life to bring you meaningful content from some of the web's most thoughtful writers. These thinkers are out in front trying new ideas, holding on to what works and in general enriching our ability to manage organization complexity.

Best Blogs strives to bring you the most interesting thinking of the week – please share these innovative leaders and doers widely with your friends!

Rachel Strella wants to fire you. If you misbehave. Rachel knows how valuable [most] clients are, yet here she offers practical guidance if your client is not on Santa's “Nice” list. In fact, if your client is a PITA you will welcome Rachel's assistance. What's a PITA? Read @RachelStrella to find out

Greg Savage knows a thing or two about public speaking. Further, he realizes many of us have speaking opportunities throughout our work a day lives – not just in front of a conference crowd. Here Greg examines some of the keys he uses to make effective communication a part of his regular repertoire. If you want to present more powerfully in the new year, start here, and find more @Greg_Savage

Arti Patel understands we all need a little help to get through the holiday office party season unscathed. Here she takes a look at the proper way to keep your cool (and your pants) to ensure 2013 ends with some charming fun versus careening foolishness. Read, prepare and party with @ArtiPatel

Will Thomson will just get you excited. Wether its filling a role as your sales recruiter, preparing you for your next interview or helping you better market yourself and analyze your position Will's enthusiasm is contagious. Here he relays how he made a significant personal career change in a bad economy without experince. Want to up your game? @WillRecruits will show you how

Justin Harris will light your cigar the proper way – the flame should never touch the tobacco – and sit back and regale you with the hand-rolled truth. In this fun and informative write he shares why selection, care and choice are fundamental components of HR as well as a good cigar. Smoker or not, enjoy @UnlikelyHrGuy

Karen Jolly offers you a Thanksgiving feast of love. In this exquisite and evocative gem Karen shares not only what the essence of Thanksgiving is – regardless of the country you live in – but how to take this spirit forth a little more every day of the week. For affirmation and absolution read and integrate Karen's gift and see more @MinuteMindset

A holiday extravaganza as we bring this edition of #BestBlogs to a close.

The intent behind this curation is to offer you best of the web on a weekly basis for use in your organizational life. These writers are innovative, curious and challenging and what's most important, practical. They've been there and done that, and continue to look for new solutions to an ever changing world of demands. Please share them broadly.

Come back in another seven days' time for a new collection of #BestBlogs and check the archives for past editions of helpful thinkers!

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!




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