Best Blogs 6 December 2013

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs, the weekly curation of the best of the web in organization life!

In each edition our theme manifests organically and today its all about the power of you! This week's authors discuss mentors, managing risk, what innovation really means and how to take care of our own business first. And oh, how about doing that with a little respect!

The writers and thinkers in Best Blogs are out in front trying new things, looking for better ways openly posting what they've found that works in the world of work. Please share their work broadly so these innovative thinkers receive more exposure!

Lolly Daskal knows everything we do – and don't do – entails an element of risk. In this clear and incisive write she asks us to reflect on the meaning and value of risk in a life well-lived. Fear of the unknown may lead us to settle for less than we might experience in so many ways, all in an attempt to avoid risk. Why not embrace it Lolly asks? See other penetrating questions @LollyDaskal

Rachelle Falls understands the value of mentors, but where are these unicorn-like creatures? Closer than you might think according to Rachelle. In this accessible post she outlines the steps we can take today to start identifying, reaching and learning from mentors. And in an important point, Rachelle reminds us we probably need multiple mentors to have a broader support system. More guidance about becoming professional can be found @CorporateHRGirl

Alli Polin loves a good story and knows that to drive innovation you really need one! She argues that acknowledging fear – and maybe even jealousy – is an essential part of the innovator's change management plan. Here Alli helps us see that while innovation is exciting in the abstract, to implement it we need to deal with people where they are. @AlliPolin has more ideas for innovation and change

Dawn Mentzer wants to help us level the playing field a little! In a world where solopreneurs compete with enterprise for new and continuing business Dawn knows one element can tip even the most outweighed scale: respect. The #SoMe dynamic means we're on display more than we ever imagined: starting from a point of respect ensures that that transparency is helpful to our business. Read @DawnMentzer for more assistance in leveling your field

Justin Harris realizes the more things change, the more they stay the same. In this fun but serious effort Justin asks us to reflect on a basic truth: are we running “from” something or “to” it? Changing jobs, houses, spouses or lawns might not really change who we are. See how the world looks from both sides of the fence – but remember we make our own world wherever we stand. Justin's fine work can be seen @UnlikelyHRGuy

Its funny how each edition of #BestBlogs develops its own character. This week is really all about the power we each have within us if we simply choose to acknowledge and use it.

#BestBlogs strives to find the best of organization thinking every seven days and share the posts – and the thought leaders behind them! – in a useful format to drive conversation and consideration. Please share these thinkers broadly to engage relevant thinking in your network.

Come back in another seven days for a new edition and be sure to check the archives for past penetrating posts!

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!




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