Best Blogs 13 Dec 2013

Hello again and welcome to Best Blogs, the weekly curation of the best of the web in organization life and learning!

Each Friday we post some of the best we've seen about managing, working and living in a complex connected world.

The writers included in Best Blogs have been there and done that and freely offer their perspective so we can all consider options we might apply in our own situations. Please share these magnanimous contributors widely in your networks!

Zoe Mounsey shares a beautiful write about change and continuity through life transition. Reflecting on her own experience moving her family from one continent to another she discovers some realities of big change and little truths. A delightful read, this post is a part of the lovely Alison Chisnell's (@AlisonChisnell) Advent series and comes complete with compelling e-art vis the redoubtable Simon Heath (@SimonHeath1). A holiday classic. See more @ZoeMousney

Will Thompson has a few questions for you to ask before you accept that new job. With two decades of experience Will knows what he's talking about: here he reminds us of some points (my fav: why me?) we may forget about in the rush and excitement of the recruiting experience. But before that excitement turns into the employment experience, know where you stand. This post hosted by the uber-helpful Jessica Merrell (@Blogging4Jobs). Learn more @WillRecruits

Bernadine Herlihy takes an idea from James Altucher (@JAltucher) and recasts it to fit the workplace dynamic, or more correctly, the hoped for dynamic. In this completely useful piece Bernadine shares five things we can start doing – today – to make our work lives more meaningful and productive. You can always take five! More musings can be seen @TheMgmtMaven

Gemma Reucroft knows that too much stuff can get in the way so be careful what you wish for. Especially as the Christmas season approaches many of us become fixated on gifts, toys, gadgets ie., new stuff. Some of us even go into debt for such things. But is there not creativity in making do with less? The power of small teams applied in the right way? Read Gemma (@HR_Gem) to see why less is often more and why we already have enough “stuff”

Lalita Raman learns a lot hiking through nature. Especially on those down hill treks after reaching a crest where a careless step can hurt! In this zen-infused write she shares the learnings she tries to reapply to life's downturns in the same way we're careful walking down a steep grade. How we can take a moment and make it all that it can be. With a simple touch. For further peace of mind see @RLalita

What a collection!

#BestBlogs captures and showcases the writers and thinkers bringing change to the world of work. The people sharing here and those in prior pubs do their best to help us all improve our corner of the work place.

Come back in seven days' time for another curation of #BestBlogs and be sure to check the archives for past editions of meaningful writes from authors all around the globe to gain both inspiration and ideas!

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!



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