Best Blogs 20 Dec 2013

A special bonus-sized holiday edition of Best Blogs! serves to warm you up with cheer with Christmas just days away!

Weekly we scour the web for the best posts related to workplace challenges and how organization life impacts us all. The writers herein are practitioners as well as reflective, doers as well as thinkers.

The ideas highlighted in Best Blogs let you reflect about the status of your work life and culture. Please share the work of these innovative writers broadly with your network!

Hassanah Rudd has clothes bobbing about in the ocean. In a container. With her furniture and almost everything else she owns. A consummate planner Hassanah faces the reality of life opting not to follow the plan sometimes: how do we respond? See how one copes without belongings or a plan @HassanahRudd

Kirsty Davies Chinnock has a skinned knee. Metaphorically speaking. In this brief yet bright post she asks the very real question: do our people know we have some skin in the game? To find out more about business bruises and staying in the game see @KirstyLeed

David D'Souza has a vivid imagination and as he recalls his childhood reading lists his prior immersion into the Bond series revives. Just what does 007 and managing in a modern world have in common? Read @dds180 to find out. He's often right (except for that Dalton thing)

Dawn Lennon wants to know how much you really care. Does that idea or project cause passion and gut reaction in you, or are you going throug the motions in order to get along? Guess which side of the fence @BusinessFit is on? And get enagaged

Rory C. Trotter Jr confronts one of our least enjoyable tasks here: dealing with the non-performing employee. In this thoughtful write, he explores an alternative to the “performance” plan which almost always is not going to work. Is there another way? @RoryCTrotterJr thinks so

Cave Girl MBA braces the blogosphere with management sense like few others. In this clear rejoinder she points out that many of our supposed problems are just that: supposed. Wait for the day of correction and they tend to manage themselves. See @CaveGirlMBA for more self-help and management advice

Bernadine Herlihy takes another look at five things in examining what she's grateful for here. Few write as clearly as Bernandine and in this excerpt you'll see why her thoughts are gaining readers. Enjoy more @TheMgmtMaven

Alli Polin shares the secret to getting over little setbacks in life: recognize most of them are in fact little. Brew a warm cup, set back and relax and enjoy this fine bit of life advice. And hey, if you spill that delicious brew you can always make more. @AlliPolin will show you how

Julie Waddell is a hipster. Look it up. And while you're at it look at her latest post here to see some words and phrases that may have been used. A little bit too much. Here's looking at you kid @JAWaddell

Lexie Forman-Ortiz & Jocelyn Aucoin present an utterly delightful, charming and succinct view of social connectivity and its meaning to HR. Simply sublime, much like the two authors. See @LexieFO & @MissLujo for other unique and meaningful ideas

Wow, what a beautiful collection of truths, reflections and ideas. These people can reach you!

#BestBlogs serves as a focal point for the best of the web in managing people. The challenges, changes and choices we face are all fair game in this collection of the finest thinkers of the week. Please share this resource with your network, and come back in another seven days time for more.

Remember to look in the archives of #BestBlogs for stellar contributions of the past as well.

Enjoy your holiday weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!



8 thoughts on “Best Blogs 20 Dec 2013

  1. Dear Christopher, I have to thank you three times:
    1 – for mentioning me (vanity first),
    2 – for giving me lots of great reading material for the holidays,
    3 – for your writing, support, and wonderful attitude!

  2. I so enjoy reading the fine works of different authors every week, and I especially like that each curation includes some new friends like the hyper-Tastic Kirsty, some special friends like the Cave Girl some tried and true friends like Lexie and Jocelyn. I am happy to share how much I like your work with others!

  3. Thank you for having my back and sharing my words.

    But I ain’t no hipster. Which if I understand correctly means that I actually might be one…since they don’t admit to being anything.

    Great readnig for the weekend!

    • You and your back are most welcome.

      Another hallmark of the hipster is they tend to be disagreeable (if not slightly befuddled) about nothing in particular. I’m not mentioning any names but if the shoe fits…

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