Best Blogs 31 January 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the best of the web about the world of work. Weekly we collate the latest from various practitioners sharing their ideas about organization life, the politics of work and how you too can become more effective - and more satisfied - in career. Today's edition - each week's … Continue reading Best Blogs 31 January 2014

Disruptive Technology

Isn't that cool? We love the latest tools. From smart phones with more power than Apollo 13 to thermostats Google can [now] use to track our behaviors (if the NSA doesn't intercept the data...) By and large 21st century humans love good technology, be it software or device and whatever we can dream up, well, … Continue reading Disruptive Technology

Good Example

Even the worst manager is a good example of a bad example. Once I worked for a manager who was so arbitrary and capricious I never knew what to expect next. I could rail against - what I perceived - as her list of deficiencies but that would be venting. In the end she taught … Continue reading Good Example


Such a timeless topic. If you ever want to see what pushes someone's buttons, ask about times they've felt disrespected. We - at least in the US - feel like we're owed respect simply by virtue of having been born. We expect it. But do we give it? Scenes from a movie In the past … Continue reading Respect


That's so yesterday. People love to make fun of Amercians' tendency to focus only on the latest and greatest. Things and ideas that were shiny and new just months ago lose their luster as even newer ideas emerge. True enough that we can be a little more focused on tomorrow than today, and yesterday is … Continue reading Lately

Ego’s Siren

What makes a leader. Years ago I was asked to be president of my local SHRM chapter. After ten prior years of volunteering in all sorts of committees, roles, etc., I felt I was ready. To be sure I was humbled: any potential leader who isn't is a bit of a worry to me. Pride … Continue reading Ego’s Siren


Yolk was everywhere. As the King's men stepped gingerly and the King's horses lapped surreptitiously the Captain surveyed the damage. Egg shell here and there, yolk run amuck and the shattered remains of a fragile career no longer intact. Backstory Humpty - HRD as the boys called him - (his middle name being Reginald) was … Continue reading HRD

The Price We Pay

Are you driven to success no matter what? How's that working for you? My career has been spent with driven people: I get them, I understand them, I am one. And yet at some point you have to ask yourself if the price we pay is worth it. The Costs Being succesful professionally is not … Continue reading The Price We Pay

Clean Sweep

Sometimes you gotta go from top to bottom. Recently talked with a friend in a world of hurt. She's fine, mind you, but her organization is out of control careening from one crisis to the next in search of leadership. Without going into detail suffice to say no one in the leadership team acts in … Continue reading Clean Sweep


Curiosity killed the cat. But since cats have nine lives its okay. Conduct business long enough and (with any luck) people begin to ask for advice and counsel on career management. Here's some that may help: stay curious. My own career has been a hell of a lot of fun - four Fortune 100 companies … Continue reading Curiosity