Wasting Time

Ah January.

The month when resolve meets reality.

For those making resolutions January is the cold slap of truth as well as weather: resolutions are often grand in scope and promise yet weak in design and strength. We give up on most in days.

But what if you could take just one step and turn it into a practice ultimately becoming a habit benefiting your whole life. Would that help you?

If so, consider the practice I committed to some time ago: stop wasting time.

Whether in work, social or in your personal life consider all the moments you've lost time to. While some are unavoidable – traffic jam anyone? – many are self-inflicted. The meetings without point. The dead-end relationships. The investments going nowhere and the career stalled out.

Commit to wasting time no more and watch these events diminish and wither away.

Being persistent and staying after things is attractive. Being foolish is not.

The art of the game of course is to know the difference between being committed and committable. How do you know when to throw in the towel?

Why not consider time an investment? If the benefit you're likely to experince from some continued effort doesn't outweigh the time and cost of that then like a bad investment just walk away from it. Develop the strength to say no to others to say yes to yourself.

Think back over your career and you may remember that one job you held onto too long, that one poor performer given too many chances to get better. Or in your family life, the addict who got one too many chances, or the girl/boy friend you hung out with just a little too long.

In each case while you knew it wasn't right, for some reason you held on too long. Economists call this the phenomenon of sunk cost. Having put so much time or energy into things we hate to walk away.

But sometimes we must.

Forget about your resolutions for the moment (as most of you will assuredly do before the end of the week) and consider altering this one practice: stop wasting your precious time by giving it away to people and efforts not in your interests.

Become more loving to yourself by harvesting and husbanding your time and allocating it to the interests, opportunities and people deserving of same.

Care about yourself, and what you pay your attention – and time – to.



7 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. Another wonderful post to start off the new year. There is just so much wisdom here, both about time and personal choice. I have more instances than I like to remember about “hanging on too long” when it was much smarter to “stop the bleeding” in aspects of my personal and professional life. Your reminder about choosing ourselves and then acting accordingly is one powerful resolution. Thanks, Christopher.

    • Somewhere along the way I think we all grow up enough that we realize we’ve got to love ourselves first if we’re ever going to do anyone else any good. Sometimes we have to put a stop to one thing to start another. Thanks for reading & writing Dawn!

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