I'm the decider.

Not long ago I was a tangential observer to a needless dustup.

What's that you ask? Its like a kerfluffle or fracas or hubbub.

In plain English, a complete waste of time for no freaking reason. In other words, a couple of professionals wasted hours of collective time over nothing, or as I like to say, they misunderestimated each other's obstinacy.

This type of absolutely avoidable waste of energy happens everyday.



The particulars are unimportant. One person started a chain of events that was pointless and unrelated to a business need simply because they were selfish and didn't give an organizational damn. You know: they pulled the pin on a grenade, threw it over the wall and waited to see what happened.

Bat-shit crazy you say? Yes, and more common than you think.

The modern organization has strengths and attributes enabling competitiveness, but one design weakness is the relative lack of individual ownership. We're so busy collaborating we sometimes forget to be responsible.

Examples of this mis and malfeasance abound: meetings held for no purpose, the change of plan five minutes before the client call, the imposition of new goals before anyone understood the last ones and a hundred other missteps.

We do things to one and other without thinking about the group impact because, well, we can.

Just like throwing litter out of a moving car we don't think twice about it.

But we should. We should recall what ownership looks and feels like.


There's a growing reasonance around the globe today about organizational health. You see, a lot of people have figured out someone's going to have to pick up that trash and until they do we're all going to be living in it. Change isn't on the horizon, its here.

For those of us used to the old organizational inefficiencies caused by people doing senseless myopic things that waste other's time, a new day has arrived. Acceptance of the status quo has come and gone long ago.

Call it lean design, call it transparency, call it generation X: whatever label you apply there's a new and growing dynamic in organization behavior. Its not ok to create noise in the system and be a needless distraction any more. Its not “part of life” as one client called it.

Globally organizations are flatter, faster and more collective and those people used to causing upsets in the system for selfish reasons are on the run. Rightly so.

There are enough challenges in business without having to overcome inertia, apathy or backwards behavior. To enjoy the fruit of organization life you've got to help raise and harvest that fruit.

Troublemakers, malcontents and roadblocks beware: you have misunderestimated the imperative to reform and perform.

Get going, or get gone.



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