Best Blogs 10 Jan 14

Happy new year everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Best Blogs in 2014!

Best Blogs is the weekly curation of the best writings from around the web on the world of work. The writers are experienced practitioners trying both old and new solutions to engage people successfully in organization life. Please have spread the works of these fine thinkers by sharing them broadly among your networks.

Let's begin!

Dawn Lennon knows and writes a lot about business. Except here. In this refreshing kick off to the new year she talks about learning things unrelated to work and how valuable – and overlooked – that can be. Read Dawn to find out why one of the best things you can do for your career is learn something separate from it, and see her other thoughts @BusinessFit

Cranston Holden answers many questions day in and day out and does his best to ensure they're not loaded. We've all had the experince of someone attempting to box us into a specific and limiting answer with the power of words well chosen. Here Cranston gives us an elegant approach to make sure we think and stay out of that box. Check @CranstonHolden for further answers

Bernadine Herlihy recalls her first foray into management: she wasn't recruited out of B school, she cleaned up the file room. Sometimes its not what you have or who you know – sometimes it really is what you do. Bernadine shares her thoughts about how we can make the most of what we've got and in doing so become more than we imagined. Her career advice can be found @TheMgmtMaven

Rory C Trotter Jr has a little bad news to share. People will get over it he knows but having to deliver the message to his team reminds Rory – and so us – that business is about saying no as well as yes. HR often coaches people as if solutions were painless but yet having to practice what we preach shows that's not always the case. See @RoryCTrotterJr for erudite and meaningful coaching – and practice

Gemma Reucroft would like you get off her cloud and bandwagon. As we start a new year perhaps we could benefit from thinking just a bit more critically about whether the latest craze is really for us, or more appropriately, our business. Read @HR_Gem to understand more about fads, fizzes and the completely new phenomenon called thinking for yourself

We hope you've enjoyed this edition of #BestBlogs. Each writer included here was a heavyweight in 2013 consistently delivering innovative, useful and applied solutions for the world at work.

That's kind of the definition of #BestBlogs!

Please come back in seven days' time for the next collection and be sure to check the archives for past writes from some of the best thinkers out there.

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!



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