Best Blogs 31 January 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the best of the web about the world of work.

Weekly we collate the latest from various practitioners sharing their ideas about organization life, the politics of work and how you too can become more effective – and more satisfied – in career. Today's edition – each week's theme developing organically – is all about personal choice and purpose.

#BestBlogs is all about sharing so please post these thinkers broadly within your networks.

David D'Souza should just be on your reading list. Period. In this refreshingly direct illustration he takes on the victim attitude prevalent in some quarters of HR practice and says, bullshit. We can choose who we are, what we focus on and how we show up. Don't like what you're doing? Change it. David will help you. @DDS180

Prue Lawrence knows that leadership, humility and gender can render an awful soup of apology: stop it. In this heartfelt post Prue describes why she's often heard herself apologizing for working her butt off for two decades to reach MD status in the firm she co-founded. Is it gender? Age? Prue knows one thing: it has to stop. We can be both proud and humble of our career success – and never have to apologize for same.

Alex Moyle remembers a time when HR was about people. Remember them? In this frank write Alex shares a parable: what will you be? More important, he asks the rhetorical yet real question – is what you aspire to be the best that you can be? Are you giving it all that you've got? If you ever find yourself low read this post and be thankful Alex and others are out there posing these key questions and answers. @Alex_Moyle

Sarah Miller advises you to separate your passion from your work. Going against the crowd (a skill Sarah has nailed) she argues attempting to inject or infuse your vocation with passion is not only difficult but wrong. While I disagree respectfully, I value Sarah's perspective and think we should all grapple with this existential question periodically. Its important to enagage with different perspectives – and Sarah is unafraid to do so. @WhippaSnappaHR

Crystal Spraggins likes to be prepared for potential problems. Far from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory she believes in looking ahead to help prevent potential issues (best case) or deal with them otherwise. Do you get challenged by others because you're focused on the hole and not the doughnut? Well, just read Crystal to reaffirm why your role – and perspective – is vital. You're not negative: you're preparing to deal with negativity. @CrystalMusings

There you have the #BestBlogs we've seen this week about life in the office. Each writer has offered practical advice and a challenging perspective enabling us all to rethink our positions – and that is a gift.

Be sure to check the archives of #BestBlogs for other intelligent and accessible writers, thinkers and doers addressing the questions of life at work and come back in another seven days' time for a new edition.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!




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