Best Blogs 14 February 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.

Here we collate the latest offerings from practitioners around the globe on organization life, the politics of work and in so doing how you may become more effective – and satisfied – in career.

This edition – each week's theme developing on its own organically – is all about honesty with ourselves and others. Perhaps if we drop the posturing and deal with truth our work lives can instantly become more meaningful if not manageable.

#BestBlogs' utility is premised on radical sharing, so please post and tweet these thinkers broadly within your networks.

Amanda Sterling broaches the unasked question: is it enough to know “how” to lead, or is leadership realized only in the act of doing. Like many of us Amanda finds herself straddling two different worlds, at once both guide and explorer. How can everyone wax so euphoric about leadership when it seems so confusing? This earnest and topical write helps us all be a little more human, and a little less PC. See @Sterling_Amanda for help in this!

Julie Waddell is feeling reflective. Post-trip to the sunny Southwest she's mulling ideas over a leisurely glass of red while thinking… why did I say that?! Sometimes the way we respond to others can create barriers to further communication. How can we share our views without shutting down those who just can't handle the truth? Read more of @JAWaddell for insight on truth, talk and grape-therapy.

Helen Tracey knows first hand that anonymous behavior can be exciting, mysterious, compelling – and wrong. In an age when so many clamor for anonymity Helen brings the focus back to transparency. Good management is open and accessible. Good practice leaves nothing hidden building trust instead of treason. Anonymous is for those who can't stand up and walk in the daylight with Helen. See more @HRpotential

Janine Truitt wants us to rethink the restriction inherrent in so much of our HR practice. Would it hurt us to be more responsive to dynamic human and business need? Static response no longer serves HR – if it ever did. Our ability to pivot with business leaders as demands and realities change can make all the difference between action and reaction. Here's a hint: your business likes one response more than the other. Janine's on-target ideas can be found @CzarinaofHR

Madison Jones wants to help you learn about leadership – by watching the people around you. Madison knows there are some essential elements of leadership – things that will attract or repel followers – yet sometimes we just can't seem to simply articulate them. Confused about what leadership takes? Look around and be honest with yourself: role models are everywhere. Madison provides more guidance @MadisonJonesHR.

Rachel Kemp offers the sweetest post we've seen in a long time. Initially doubtful about Social Media she ultimately embraced the #SoMe learning curve and found it helped her win business. Ever the pragmitist she built cred in her community and is now ready to take on another platform she'd resisted: her first blog. Say hello to Rachel: she's a recruiter. And she's social. Follow her timeline @RachieMouse and enjoy this, her very first blog post.

There we have the #BestBlogs of the week about life in the office. Each writer offers practical advice with a challenging perspective enabling us all to rethink our own positions – and that's a gift. In life look for those who challenge your thinking to help you grow.

Be sure to check the archives of #BestBlogs for other intelligent and accessible writers, thinkers and doers addressing the questions of life at work and please come back in another seven days' time for our next edition.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!




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