The Witching Hour

Winter is over.

Deep in the heart of Texas we have about six days of winter spread over six weeks. While this year seemed worse, it followed that same pattern with pleasant weather all through December albeit a nasty January.

We really only have two seasons: summer and not summer. As someone born in the desert I'd actually prefer just one season: summer. 100 degree days simply mean the golf course is less congested.

But right now we're in that very brief interlude between “not summer” and “summer.”

In fact, its the witching hour as the sun comes up earlier, clouds wisp away and the southern breeze is so resolute you can taste the salt from the coast. Soon, Jasmine and honeysuckle will begin to bud and summer will be back. We start early here.

What's this got to do with work?

Enjoy the moment.

The witching hour – the transition from not summer to summer – is so short here. Soon the air's humidity returns to the norm for SouthTexas and early morning runs become sweat baths, breezes become plain old wind and each day just gets warmer and longer.

But this moment – this very moment – is a rare respite. A brief interlude between what was and will be.

The places in between.

Life & Work

Things change so fast. Just a week ago the heater was on and Chewy and I had to bundle up for our run. Life is like that. We're both enjoying the move from one time to another and when summer arrives in all its strength and oppressive heat we'll relish that too. We'll stay in the moment.

Dogs are good like that.

At work things move just as quickly.

That mentee you've been working with for the last year? Suddenly she needs new challenges and with a lump in your throat you send her to the next level. That project you've toiled on for months giving up nights and weekends (and paying the price for same at home) is on the verge of delivering. Your work is almost through.

Bittersweet and ironic how you will miss those late nights and the camaraderie.

The presentation to your boss' boss, sales pitch to that big client and those programs you put in place in the community: all complete focuses for so long are now ready to take flight. Its the witching hour – the transition time.

Part of the joy in the witching hour is its very ephemeral nature: it is soon to be gone and thus should be enjoyed while we have the chance. As Dr Seuss said, don't be sorry that its gone, be happy it was here.

In life, and work, there are a multitude of moments both mundane and memorable. A life well-lived realizes them when present and lets them go like the soft evening glow of sunset when no longer viable. And every now and then, as the breeze shifts, we catch ourselves in a moment of awareness as we recognize the onset – and with it the sure departure – of the witching hour.

Accept these moments and revel in them.

Accept the joy and struggle of your day to day work as each 24 hour period one after another inexorably builds a career. A career that can largely be said to be succesful if you were able to taste and enjoy the witching hour.


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