Best Blogs 28 February 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.

The latest offerings from practitioners around the globe addressing organization life, collaboration and the politics of work are offered here so that you may become more effective – indeed more satisfied – in your career.

This edition – each week's theme developing organically on its own – is all about the personal relationship we have to work and craft. What does it mean to have a job, and what's especially important if that job happens to be in HR? In a world where nothing stays the same very long its important to question beliefs and practice: these writers do.

#BestBlogs' utility is premised on radical sharing so please post, tweet, link and G+ this broadly within your networks. Let's get these writers some time in the sun.

Wendy Jacob has fallen in and out of love. With work. Happily placed today she still remembers those moments when the scales finally tipped from love to loathe as each incident of regret was added to the wrong side of the balance. When it became time to leave. Are your employees in love or are they surreptitiously searching for a new flame? Wendy has some advice about the lovelorn and forlorn in your employ. See more @WendyJacob

Gem Reucroft doesn't often use bean bag chairs. At least not in skirts. One of Gem's most appealing qualities (there are many) is her frankness and unabashed honesty. In this delightful read she recalls the interview that went downhill fast and the learnings she took from same. Read, beware and be warned. And watch our for bean bags and other design faux pas @HR_Gem

Justin Harris wants you to focus on the winners, not the whiners. In this no holds barred exposĂ© Justin outlines why “pay grade-itis” can be such a damaging problem. Learn to give more to those ask for more Justin advises. More responsibility, access, information and well, uh, work. And watch what happens when people quit worrying about pay grades, titles and roles and actually focus on getting work done. Justin muses @UnlikelyHRGuy

Jules broaches the question of hiring for skill vs hiring for character. In this succinct autobiography she points out the dilemma many of us face when contemplating referring our associates: is this the right culture for them or is employment now as temporal and transitory as a train ride meant for nothing more than to move you from point A to B. Jules' articles have the clarity that will bring you back for more, and tweets @JulesJ85

Steve Browne will make you glad you're in #HR and at the same time realize we could all be a hell of a lot better. So put on your big boy or big girl pants, read Steve's latest and remind yourself of what makes this discipline so rewarding, trying and wonderful all at the same time. Some say role models don't exist anymore. Those that say that haven't been following Steve: he makes me want to be my best self every day. Steve's super enthusiasm and encouragement can be seen @SBrowneHR

PerryTimms offers a charming and compelling aside here on the value and often overlooked contribution of empathy in the workplace. A thoroughly delightful read Perry reminds us all how we can benefit the organization simply by reinforcing our own best nature and building up instead of tearing down. This one is a keeper ladies and gentlemen. Perry's additional ideas, asides and rejoinders can be seen @PerryTimms

Thank you for reading this edition of #BestBlogs all about life, and life in the office. Each writer included offers practical advice with a challenging perspective enabling us all to rethink our own positions. In life look for those who challenge your thinking to help you grow.

Be sure to check the archives of #BestBlogs as well for other intelligent writers, thinkers and doers addressing the key questions of work and life, and please come back in another seven days' time for more.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!



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