On Your Game

Are you ready to compete?

Work is a competitive sport and a team sport where collaboration is essential. We're always sprinting against time, competitors, the market, regulations, etc.

We need to be at our best in order to collaborate and ultimately compete. Complaints about the lack of time, energy and resources abound but the truth is there are simple things we can do – today – to become more effective at work, whatever our discipline.

Let's get ready.


Study after study shows the need for adequate hydration, with more than 50 direct health benefits from having enough water in your body. Its simple: you have to be adequately hydrated to perform yet most of us don't drink enough water. How many ounces is enough, chilled or not, and what about the environmental impact of plastic bottles? Let's make it easy: buy a refillable water bottle with a built-in straw and carry that with you. Everywhere. To the gym, on the bus, in the car and on your desk at work. One vessel, everywhere. As ubiquitous as your cell phone. Drink water all day (you should consume about half your pound weight in ounces, eg., 140 pounds = 70 ounces) and you'll be better prepared for work, and life, every day.


You know you need it. How much? Choose your expert but the current view is that adults require 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Many of us try to get by on six or less. How's that working for ya? Stop it: you are not being productive or effective, and your partner asked me to tell you you're pretty damned grumpy too. Go to bed. At roughly the same time every night. Drink a glass of water before you do (see first point). Leave your iPhone/Pad/Pod etc on the bureau. Turn off the tv. Rest. You'll find in just a few days you will fall asleep better, rest more completely and wake up more refreshed. These are all good things for the work world. Go to bed.

Ditch the Bitch

No, not a person, the bad habits you know you need to stop. The big three? Smoking, alcohol abuse and junk food. Smoking is so obviously bad for you and your performance (and your body odor) there's no need to review further. Alcohol? A fine red or delicious single malt is terrific: one or two is sublime. Three or four is on the road to perdition: know the difference. Junk food: do you need to know more? In a brazen affront to our collective intelligence marketers actually called it what it is – junk. Your body cannot process or benefit from it. Stop eating it.


Do something. Walk up a flight of stairs, park farther from the door of your natural grocer's or simply stroll once around the block of your office building at lunch. Marathons, powerlifting, xtreme sports? Hey, you do whatever rocks your world but start small and start today. That walk around the block at lunch will take just minutes but will get some fresh air in your lungs, your blood moving and lighten your disposition. Do whatever you want, but like Nike says, just do it.

If you're serious about your profession and want to make the biggest contribution you have to think holistically about mind, body and spirit. Today.

These simple steps are doable for anyone and will make you more effective at work, home and play.

Want to compete? You've got to get ready.



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