#SoMe isn’t So Me

Are you a guru?

A ninja? Do you brandish a light saber as you don your Jedi apparrel?

Enough word play (although alliteration is always alluring…)

#SoMe is yet a wilderness fraught with wrong turns, dry wells and false promise. Should you dive headlong into Pinterest? What's your Instagram footprint? Does Foursquare have any relevance, and just what does About.Me really say about… me?

Its easy to get lost in the secondary level of social media without even getting to the first tier of FB, LI, Twitter and G+.

So, Jedi knight or not, here's a little help.

Numbers Count

  • No matter how disciplined and diligent you are at some point you will hit the wall. You cannot have so many footprints you can't keep them up. Bad footprints are just, uh, bad. What's the right number of #SoMe outlets? The choice is yours though many people feel three or four is all that can be actively managed. Unless you're a community manager spending your days on line driving conversation at some point you have to do something (this is called work) and you won't be able to add yet another platform. Choose.

Size Matters

  • When deciding where to share consider size. Yes, you could opt to skip all of the big sites but your potential audience is then much smaller and folks, size matters. While I personally don't use FB I leverage the other leading platforms as much as I can. I want reach and access. In a way it comes down to choosing to be a big fish in a small pond, or the other way around. But be clear: avoiding the large communities will make it more difficult to share and build your brand, story and business.

Digital is Forever

  • Think twice about what you fave, like, post, share, etc. in words and pictures. No, you don't need to be boring vanilla. You do need to be aware that what you post can never be eradicated. Simple mistakes happen, but anything that smacks of violence, drugs, sexism, racism, etc., is hard to get past. People search the web more and more routinely every day. You don't have to be a saint, but you shouldn't be silly. Remember: in the #SoMe world, the Delete key is just a placebo and friends don't let friends Tweet drunk.

Its Not All About You

  • #SoMe is community and community is interaction with others. Comment, like, repost, favorite, etc. Each form has a different flavor. Think of LinkedIn as dinner party, FB a picnic, Google+ a buffet and Twitter often resembling a stop at the local pub. Each calls for different interaction but all work only if you include “inter” with “action.” A one-way barrage of posts, photos and pics all day will not drive community, but confusion. Remeber the social part of social media and interact with others.

Whether your primary interest is social, business or learning the options in social media are tremendous: there is a place for you in the #SoMe world and life can be more interesting with it.

Just remember its not all about you.

Unless you're a guru, knight or ninja.



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