Like This!

You really, really like me!


Recently I’ve noticed a conversation both in real life and on line that’s a little bit worrisome.

HR is whining again.

Periodically someone somewhere writes an article bashing HR. I don’t know why, I don’t even care. Bash me all you want, you will still call me when you need talent or training, have a comp issue or retention problem and boy – when you face a serious ER issue – you will call.

And you will be nice.

So I don’t mind the periodic post or article from the uninformed, ill-advised or just incompetent knocking HR. As the old saying goes, if I cared at all it might bother me.

But my dear HR colleagues, stop whining about it.

Get over self-pity.

Here’s the fact: we are in a profession where we deal with people on the edges, not in the fat middle. Our days are not going to be predictable, humdrum and routine. This ain’t your daddy’s HR.

We deal with people on the upswing: promotions, the newly hired, just transferred, taking on new projects, acquiring education and skills. These people are going to be incredibly happy, at least for a while. They’ll sing your praises.

Don’t listen to them when they do. Take it all in stride. Sic transit gloria.

On the other side of the ledger are those who aren’t succesful in the job hunt, maybe are involved in a nasty ER scenario or worse part of a RIF or even an involuntary termination They are not going to be happy. At all. They too will sometimes tell the world just how effed up you are. They’ll leave out crucial details.

Don’t listen to these either.

What stories get told of either type is beyond my control or yours. When you deal with people on the edge – the high or the low – truths get stretched, facts are lost and feelings are paramount.

But defensiveness stinks.

If you do your work well, as the overwhelming majority of trainers, recruiters and HR people I’ve ever worked with have, that’s enough.

If you have and practice ethics that’s enough.

If you treat people fairly and with respect, even in the most challenging moments, that’s enough.

And, if you always remember its people you’re dealing with, not assets, talent or resources but honest to god people, that’s enough.

If you joined HR because you thought we plan parties and you want people to like you you have made a mistake. And you should get a dog.

Ours is a tough, necessary and valued profession. I don’t care who bashes us: I don’t work for them and I won’t dignify their carping with a response.

Do your job, focus on your customers and take care of people.

That’s enough.

Respect for your integrity and fairness beats liking you by a country mile.

You don’t need to worry about anyone liking you. You really, really don’t.



4 thoughts on “Like This!

      • Egad, please don’t do that unless it’s taking too much out of you. Hiatus, perhaps? Fewer posts per week? Blogger fatigue sets in for everyone. You too? Your posts always attack/address an issue from a very unique and sage perspective, even for people like me who strive for sageness! So glad I could offer an encouraging word at the right time!

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