Big Deal

I'm a big deal.

I know I am because someone recently asked me for some pithy comments on helping candidates market themselves more effectively. Yee haw, can you say sweet spot?

Pithy? Me.

Candidates? Me.

Marketing? Me again

I am really close on this one.

Of course when the story finally came out the website owners decided my contributions were wholly unnecessary to said article and like Hollywood the best stuff was left on the cutting room floor.

In my case, all the stuff.


There are a number of learnings to be drawn from this.

On one hand its delightful to be asked to participate, and I enjoy helping people out as they craft ideas and articles and blogs. But as the great philosopher Lou Holtz once pointed out, you're never as good – or as bad – as people say you are. So lesson one is, don't let this stuff go to your head. Help out when asked keeping Lou's sage reminder in check.

Next, should I take umbrage my best stuff (all my stuff) was ultimately edited out? Like all things HR the answer is maybe. In this case an editor I never met cut statements out of an article I've never seen coproduced by people I don't know. There's not a lot here I'm losing sleep over.

If this were a work scenario however and a boss of mine regularly asked for and then dismissed my input, uh that's not good. Now, the root cause might be my boss, me or some of both, but it would definitely be my problem no matter who was at fault.

So if your input doesn't matter the meaning of that is contextual.

Finally, I didn't leave empty-handed. I made some good contacts with this little exercise. I met a bright author, picked up a few new names for my network and got to think about things I normally don't. In my book we call that learning and learning is generally a good thing.

So even though I didn't get any kudos or publicity I benefited from the experience and that's a positive.

Most of life is a positive if you just hold things in a different way.


So now that I'm over being a big deal I can get back to the day to day of my world.

In truth I had fun offering up my two cents as I continue to advise companies on how to improve the candidate experience while coaching job seekers on some of the dos and don'ts.

So big deal or not, I am doing my best to be my best.

Which is, after all, a pretty big deal.



One thought on “Big Deal

  1. It takes great humility to see the upside of a downer. Thanks for this lesson on doing just that. The good news is we have the benefit of you fully uncut here and that’s enough for me.

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