The Rules for the Rules

Write for the 95%

People Stuff

I shouldn’t need to write this blog post. I shouldn’t need to point out what I believe to be obvious.

But the things I read, the conversations that I hear, tell me that I do. And that they aren’t.

When you write HR policy, you are talking to your employees. It is part of the relationship. You are sending them signals about the Company, about HR, about the culture. Policies are important, more for these reasons than the usual ones that they exist. Policies are more than the sum of their words.

So here are the rules for the rules.

Write for the 95%. You know, the vast majority of your employees doing the right thing. Deal with the people who aren’t, but don’t let them dictate the approach. Start with trust.

Tone matters. Chill out with your ‘strictly enforceables’ and your ‘up to and includings’. Just write them like…

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