Dog Day


Where do you stand on the whole take your dog to work day question?

I suppose I should say where do you sit since most of you work from chairs, but as we now know sitting is the new smoking and is slowly but surely killing you, you should stand up. But I digress.

Its a big thing for many to be able to take their dogs to work, and equally so many are appalled at the idea.

As Chewy's proud pal and running partner, I gotta tell you, she would improve any office through her mere calm presence. I don't call her Karma Dog for nothing.

But I get it: if you're not a dog person maybe you don't see the value in my beautiful one-eyed Chocolate Lab. Its ok; she forgives you.

Dogs Are Not People

So what is it that makes us not want dogs at work?

  1. They're too noisy
  2. They smell like dogs
  3. They can't stay focused
  4. They smell like dogs

Okay, that last one wasn't fair…

You see, as a dog person (and cat and horse person) I have no trouble going to work with Chewy. She is calm and cool and knows how to lie around quietly while waiting for me to finish something. As long as I feed her the right food at the right time, take her for her run and keep her coat clean she is a very happy person. Uh, dog.

In other words, she doesn't need much.

And if I just expect her to behave she will, becuase we're in sync about when we work and when we play. So for me, its no big deal about taking my dog to work, as you'll be better off when I do whether you're a dog lover or not.

People Are Not People

The more I mulled this question over the more I wondered why we don't like some people at work.

  1. They're too noisy
  2. They smell like dogs
  3. They can't stay focused
  4. They smell like dogs

Its funny to me we can automatically define our feelings toward canines in the pro or con camp simply based on a stereotype of their genus' behavior, and yet for people we show such deference.

Dogs of course are relatively easily trained (unlike cats, who train us) and I don't want a poorly trained dog in the workplace anymore than you do.

But for people we continue to make allowances and exceptions when the truth is we don't want all of them in the workplace either. Of course, you're not a dog (they are much more loyal) but the point is we have expectations of you too.

You shouldn't be noisy or disruptive or get confused about when to work and when to play and you should definitely not smell very bad.

And whether or not you believe in Cesar Millan's approach or the rolled up newspaper on the snout when a mess is made the point is people need to be corrected too. Early and often for some breeds.

So take your dog to work or not, just keep in mind you go to the office at the pleasure of others much as our furry four-legged friends do. So a little empathy and effort on your part may in fact make you more welcome in more offices.

Chewy and I will be waiting for you.





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