The Gym

Change can hurt.

Long time readers know I'm a big fan of personal responsibility, self care and healthy habits. It seems the things we don't do well tend to stay in the forefront and I am a work in progress in all of these areas.

This morning I woke a bit later than usual and I opted to skip the gym. No worries, Chewy and I still had our walk, and I'll still run in the afternoon (as I did yesterday) but that 20 minute delay in getting up let me rationalize not working out.

And since I've been to the gym for the last three days in a row I excused myself.

Bad choice.

Since I skipped the gym this am, an important part of my work a day routine, the following things have happened.

  • I missed breakfast since I wasn't as hungry as I usually am and forgot to eat
  • I left for work late since my timing was off
  • I forgot my favorite pair of sunglasses
  • I left my coffee at home
  • I missed the turn I should have taken and wound up going the long way to the office
  • I tripped walking down the street (to buy coffee) since my shoe was untied (since I was late)
  • I didn't get two important phone calls since I was on my bike when I should have been in the office

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Look, I'm no Dwayne Johnson but I like my time in the gym. I like my clothes to fit, to be able to eat a piece of pie when I want and just to feel like I'm making the most of what I have. But I especially like the routine and discipline a daily workout routine gives me.

And while its true we all have to listen to our bodies and take the occasional break, even if thats just sleeping in a few minutes, the truth is the hardest part of the workout is getting to the gym itself.

After that its all downhill.

So I hope the rest of my day gets into the groove, and whether it does or doesn't ill do my best to ride the wave I'm on today. And this afternoon I will damn sure do my run.

And tomorrow? I'll be back in the gym at o'dark-thirty.

Life gives us chance after chance to take on all the things we're interested in. Its up to us though to exercise the mental discipline to act on those chances.

Now give me ten.



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