That which doth not kill us…

Somewhere along the way its become almost rote for many of us to cry out about the hardships in life. My boss is too mean, my spouse doesn't “get me” (run for the hills if your partner spews this nonsense), my debts are crushing me, and so forth.

And we then default to stress as the ultimate bad guy. I'm so stressed out, you're stressing me, don't let the stress get to you.

To paraphrase Gordon Gekko, stress, is good.


You see, we sometimes rely on the trite to take us through the day when we could be so much more.

Life can seem tough. Things do happen. People we care about suffer losses in many ways and that touches us. But we needn't be victims. We needn't fall back on trite.

Stress is what helps you be alert when driving in the rain, what keeps your eyes and ears open as your kids play on the playground, what makes you pay attention when your boss changes strategy. Stress is not the enemy. Life is not the enemy.

Playing the victim is the enemy.

Strength comes in trusting yourself and relying on being more than trite.


You may have a friend or family member who's suffered real hardship – not the bullshit of office politics but real pain and loss – and are surprised at their outlook and resilience. Why is it so many of us without real tribulation in our lives are quick to complain about the small setbacks and routine detours life's road throws at us, while others encountering real difficulties every day still seem optimistic?

They have figured out how to live.

Living a life is about the here and now and playing the cards we're dealt. Would you like more money, more free time (or, if like me, more hair)? Of course. That would be nice. But its not today's reality.

People who live life take on today's reality, today's truth. While they aspire and dream like we all do, they're focused on the here and now knowing that today is their best shot to build a better tomorrow.

And they don't complain about the small stuff or even the big stuff. Complaining is for losers.

Each of us has more strength than we ever imagined. When we're really pushed against the wall by job loss, illness or death of a loved one, and the other real hardships in life, we surprise ourselves by how we can pull through.

That strength is there every day. Exercise it just like a muscle. Don't give into the trite for, by and large, your life is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Live life by using your strengths and you will be surprised at how much your stress disapates and your satisfaction increases. Trust your strength.

That which doth not kill us…



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