Best Blogs 15 August 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.

The latest ideas on organization life, personal collaboration and the politics of work from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career. These fine authors offer fresh and different perspectives on the intersection of life and work.

Every week our themes emerge organically and this week mindful choices about career and work emerge. Are we living a mindful life or simply following the crowd?

Read on to have your assumptions tested.

Raksha offers a must-read on the importance of perspective over the long-term in discerning what really counts. How she developed so much wisdom so early I don’t know: what I do know is you will be well-served by seeing this important post by @RakshaHR

Ernie Tamayo has a touching and essential read this week adapted from a earlier post he wrote. Be prepared: this one will make you think and hurt a little as well. And its imperative you read it. @ErnieTamayo has more

Kylie Telford raises the fundamental question here: just when – and more importantly why – do employees flip from enthused and engaged to abused and dismayed? Kylie shares an interesting perspective: – we all share in this responsibility. @KylieTelford should be on your reading list

J Harris points out the unspoken hypocrisy in the PIP to RIP system in this clean write. Asking people to improve requires commitment – from the manager as well as employee. See why @UnlikelyHRGuy thinks we can do so much better in this broken process

Julie Drybrough knows that sometimes input and ideas don’t sink in the first time or even the second. But coming back to thoughts repeatedly until we assimilate meaning is a mark of learning. Get your learning on with @Fuchsia_Blue

Fernando Ramirez argues that engagement as corporate priority is futile: as a recognition of individuality? Maybe not. See how treating people on their own terms might be just the trick to turn engagement into reality. @FredListens offers so much more – check him out

Jessica Miller-Merrell has written the most heart-wrenching, yet encouraging post I’ve read in a long time. An introduction would simply take away from its powerful message – see this achingly beautiful and ultimately hopeful post by @JMillerMerrell

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of #BestBlogs all about building and practicing meaningful worklife.

Each writer offers a practiced yet challenging perspective enabling us to re-examine our own positions. In life, look for those who challenge your thinking to help you grow.

Come back in another seven days’ time for more new thoughts and do please check the archives of #BestBlogs for additional intelligent writers, thinkers and doers addressing important questions about worklife.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends – and thank you for the many kind wishes following our troubles late last week.



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