The Good We Do

Labor Day is a good time for reflection.

In much of the US the weather is starting to turn (not for us – 101 today), football season has started again, and children are back in school. Much happens concurrently.

And one thing that happens as well is the continuation of labor on this its day.

While the canyons of social media are in fact a bit quieter plenty of people are fast at work. The grocery store and hardware store are both open. The gas station, the furniture store and the movies too all saw me visit and even the carpenters working on my neighbor's house put in some time today.

Like any other day, there's a lot of us working.

Sometimes we look down on certain professions but I've always thought we should respect anyone who was willing to get their hands dirty or use their mind. The labor we do is important.

Yet some professions and fields – HR is a good illustration – seem to wear their lack of confidence and uncertainty of value on their sleeve.

Choose today as incentive to stop that.

Today, as we reflect on those who work for a living, take the time to respect yourself.

Choose today as your inflection point whether your country celebrates Labor Day or not. Choose today as the day you stop both pejorative comments about others' labor and negative self-talk about yours. You matter. Your work matters. If it didn't, they wouldn't pay you to do it.

In every field we make a diffence, we do good work. We help customers and constituents. We go the extra mile. We stay with projects and questions until they're complete and answered.

Taking pride in work is not out of fashion even if the media doesn't talk about it much. Think of the people you trust. I've written before about bus drivers I look forward to, the dry cleaner I use and the only fish monger I trust.

Just so with my professional contacts – I relish those that I've worked with who knew their trade and am happy to endorse and refer recruiters and trainers and business partners directly or through #SoMe like LinkedIn. They know how to do their work.

So do you.

HR at its best helps people. Forget all the stereotypes you've heard and remember the good we do. Remember how people count on us when times are good, and especially when they're bad. Do good work because you can and should not for accolades and praise.

Do good work for the good it does.

On this Labor Day we celebrate workers from digital natives to ditch diggers. If you are working, or looking for work, I salute you: you built a better world.

Choose today to celebrate the work you do, whatever your field is, and choose today and all days hence for to celebrate yourself and others for the good we do.


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