Gong Show

Bang a gong.

There's a gong on my next door neighbor's back porch. Why? Because this is Austin and we do stuff like that.

Anyway, the point is it's been mostly silent, or at least it has been to me. Maybe that's the challenge. You see, gongs are considered good luck in China and hence with me. Cultures with 4,000 year old histories make me pay attention.

This morning early Elf and I were sitting on the back porch feeling the warm humid air as summer grudgingly gives way to fall here. There was a gentle breeze and then…. Gonnnnnnnnnng.

I had completely forgotten how stunningly simple and profound the sound of a gong could be. How soothing. We let its tone settle into the morning air.

How many things do we take for granted in the hustle of the day, the hurry to get to the next appointment, run the kids to the soccer game, stop by the store on the way home from work. How much of our life is spent missing the beauty of a gong in the morning, or a peaceful run after work, a sunset following a long day?

More important, how many of our office mates have we taken for granted forgetting just how competent and valuable they are? When was the last time we took a time out to really appreciate the value our team members bring to work? How much heavy lifting our boss does on our behalf?

I know life moves in waves: born under a water sign I get the whole fluid nature of life with its attendant ups and downs. And yet this morning, a gentle audible wave reminded me there is beauty and peace and frankly good luck (of which I could use a touch) all around me. Sometimes I just choose not to hear it.

So today I'm choosing to notice the people and things that make my life a little better, whether it's the coffeehouse clerk I may never see again to my friends and family whom I couldn't live without. Today I'm choosing to appreciate all those who make my life a little richer.

Thank you for being you.

Elf and I will save room for you on the porch.



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