Early Morn

Find your peace.

It's no secret we all struggle with life's challenges sometimes. Job success, financial demands, romantic woes, illness in ourselves and loved ones. Life indeed, can be a bitch.

And yet, hope does spring eternal.

Who knows where the eternal optimism springs from, and yet it does, even as we have to recreate ourselves yet again following another loss or change of some type.

It seems to me – this having been a year full of my own challenges – that the art of recovery and ultimately moving on is based largely on finding some peace in our daily lives. Make no mistake, I am not talking about escaping into the bottle drowning ourselves with liquid courage, or even the more socially acceptable phenomemnon of throwing ourselves into work 70 hours a week to numb the pain of change.

No, I am speaking of peace and stillness, acceptance of where we are thus showing us the way to move forward should we choose to do so. And for me, this is the key question: do we choose to move forward à la reincarnation, or do we simply repeat the past via déjà vu.

Your Place

Carlos Castenada, still under-rated as writer and seer, spoke of finding your place in a room, that spot that was meant for you, where you could be at peace.

My place in life is the early morn. Regardless of the hour I lay down to sleep – and like all healthy adults I try to go to bed at the same time every night – I will wake just about every day between 4 and 5 in the morning. Why? That's what my body wants.

In those very early hours I can enjoy the quiet of my neighborhood, coffee in hand and feel the chill as what passes for fall begins to descend on us. In the summer I can feel the oppressive heat and humidity even at o'dark thirty: it reminds me of the first time I walked the streets of my town more than 30 years ago and instantly fell in love.

Regardless of the season, the quiet of the early morn is the perfect time to clear my head, figure out what matters and set an intention for the day.

Life can be troubling as we've noted, but the truth is, life is not a bitch. Life is. Life includes birth, death, happiness, sorrow and a multitude of events planned and unplanned that can challenge even the strongest of us.

Life just is.


In our hurry to “move on” sometimes we don't take the time we need to be with those challenges, to hold them, reflect on them and ask ourselves how we can better prepare for the next one. This is the art of the game to me. Moving on implies passing by, so I prefer moving up as in learning and aspiring.

Yes, life has challenges. You or someone close to you may be experiencing some now. If so, my earnest wish for you is that you find your sense of peace – your “early morn” – to enable you to reflect, redirect and ultimately move up.

The pains in life are valuable teachers. They show us the paths we need not follow anymore if we simply choose to acknowledge them and learn. If we choose to move up.

In the still of the early morn, I wish you the best as you find your sense of peace, acknowlege the joys and sorrow in your life ultimately internalizing those lessons and choosing to move up.

I'll save some coffee for you.



2 thoughts on “Early Morn

  1. Christopher, I greatly appreciate your inspiration in this post. Sometimes, I find myself doing the 70-80 hour work week thing to at least feel productive when stressed. It doesn’t really help, though. Facing our challenges and finding peace is a much better approach! Thanks for the much needed motivation and reminder!

    • Oh thank you so much for taking the time to write Lotus! Yes, I know. I abused the work hours/week syndrome for a long time when I should have just been dealing with life in a more holistic way. So we live, and hopefully, learn. Peace to you on your journey and know always you have my best wishes Lotus!

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