Party Time

You could be Dracula.

This snippet of a conversation was overheard the other day as the office Halloween party nears. I'd forgotten as my schedule has me in anther office that day but most people haven't. It's a big deal.

I'm not sure why.

As a kid in the US we slung pillowcases over our shoulders to garner as much booty as possible and strategically planned our routes to maximize the number of high candy house-hits. We all knew who gave out the good stuff, and which knuckleheads gave out apples.

Apples? Seriously?

Believe me, many logistics professionals got their start maximizing their candy haul with the least amount of energy.

Somewhere around age 12 though candy acquisition stopped being cool as girls suddenty looked different and the world of a kid took a permanent turn.

So why are grown-ups still fascinated? I don't know.

From an HR perspective though let me offer you some gentle reminders.

  • Some people (like the writer) do not want to dress up: please don't berate us or browbeat us as party-poopers. I'll be visiting clients that day, and even if they dress up, I can't. How would they ever take me seriously again? Speaking en masse for the non-disguised, let us be.
  • Remember it's an office. Unless you work in a gentleman's club (where, ironically, there are no gentlemen) it is not appropriate to be a sexy nurse or burly cop with shirt opened down to there. Now, if you want to adopt these characters for home use, feel free, but in the office having an outfit on does not absolve you of good taste, or sans that, at a minimum common sense.
  • It's a party, not bacchanalia. If you start celebrating All Hallo's Eve three days ahead I want you to look at how you're living your life. A lot of us enjoyed this extended revelry – in college. Today however we need to stay focused and productive and while there will be a dip in that productivity due to the date, a dip is not a flatline: get shit done whether you're wearing a costume or not.
  • Finally, plan ahead. With Halloween falling on a Friday this year the parties and invitations to excess will be abundant. Enjoy yourself as much as you want, but have a transportation plan in mind ahead of time. Nothing will shift your world faster than an accident or worse, injury, caused by your impairment. Be responsible. As my friends in the sheriff's office say, don't let a good night turn into a bad morning.

Enjoy this beginning to the holiday season Stateside as for the next two months we'll celebrate and rekindle relationships and reconnect with ourselves.

Just keep these pointers above in mind, because no, we are not all going to celebrate the same way.

And stop stepping on my cape.



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