The witching hour arrives.

This last week before Daylight Saving time is a nice one if you’re an early riser like me.

Elf sets the tone be stirring around 4 insisting on her nocturnal prowl and I let her out the back door to explore her kingdom. Somewhere between then and 5 I finally rise and do my morning routine.

But sometimes change is good.

These days the sun rises around 7 am or so, after I’ve gotten to work, and I normally don’t see it.

This morning though I’d gotten in very early, and rewarded myself with a fresh cup of coffee a little later. I walked down the street at sunrise to the coffee shop enjoying the fact that I’d gotten a good night’s sleep and was feeling refreshed.

How beneficial a good rest can be.

As I made my way along the sidewalk I noticed the sky and simply stopped and stared at its color and makeup. All sorts of purple, red and orange hues mixed with the few thin wisps of clouds in highlight at the sun was not yet up. Beautiful shades of umber.

If you don’t look up every now and the you can miss how beautiful the sky can be.

I’ve had a terrible, not-so-good, very bad month for several reasons but I suspect the future will be brighter.

We all struggle with life’s challenges at some point or another. Some of us routinely, some of us infrequently, but life happens. It’s easy when challenged to your core to fall and not get up, to stay down on the mat and re-orient yourself to feeling bad or hurt.

We call this playing the victim.

I don’t know the full solution to handling life’s challenges but I know a few things.

  • Our coping mechanisms have to be organic not chemical: handling life comes from within, not from without
  • Staying in the moment allows us to take a step at time. We honor the present by staying in it, neither fretting about the past we cannot change nor the future we do not know
  • Finding healthy habits – like sufficient sleep and daily exercise – better equips us to handle the vagaries of life. Get out of your easy chair (and your head) and move around
  • Setting intentions and clarifying values helps put things in perspective. Being honest with yourself about the very few things that matter helps. Almost always these “things” are people
  • Time does help. Just as we move through the stages of grief in a herky-jerky pattern, handling the pressures of life are not without their ups and downs. When will you feel whole and complete? I don’t know. Will you? Yes
  • Enjoy the beauty in your life. Today. We all have friends, family, pets and nature we can take delight in today. Do that. As you wrestle with the challenge you’re facing now allow yourself to enjoy the beauty that is in your life and your heart. There is goodness at hand

Sometimes getting out of our routine for a few moments can be that spiritual kick in the head we all need. The ability to walk down the street a little later than normal and notice things always present, yet unseen.

I hope you take a moment today to center yourself and notice the goodness in your life. I hope you feel the passion and power of living a mindful life coming back to your core. I hope you see a beautiful sky as another day dawns.



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