Good morning.

It's 4am: Elf has waited patiently for me to realize it's a beautiful morning and let her out to roam, nocturnal being she is. The temperature – as the doors and windows are open – could not be milder, somewhere in the low 60s F (~16C) with a soft breeze from the south making the various chimes outside peal with laughter.

The sky is a beautiful umber color – last night's sunrise was surreal – and is so bright I could go out and finish raking the leaves I meant to do yesterday. Hardly a soul stirs on our dead-end street as I enjoy a cup of coffee from beans my daughter dropped off recently. I think of her now as this is her birthday.

In short, a lovely start to the day.

I am aware sometimes my writing strays more into reflection than pure business and/or HR. Today is one such morning. Yet I shift from the purely management platform simply to share a sense of peace and gratitude with you dear reader.

Truth be told I'm considered changing the focus of this blog, or perhaps following my good friend Michael Carty's lead and create a wholly seperate blog focused on, why not?, everything (mjcarty.tumblr.com).

But I digress.

It has been a challenging year on several personal levels, yet I still see hope in these early morning hours enjoying the soft start to the day.

I still care for the important people in my life, and do whatever I can to show them that and, regardless of notice or response, my feelings remain true.

Confidence in career abounds and the signs lately are that confidence will be rewarded appropriately. As noted in my last write, I have much to be thankful for. I spent a warm Thanksgiving in the company of Chewy and Elf and thought of all the people I love in a quiet meaningful way as we walked Shoal Creek.

Last night's dinner was punctuated by the fresh greens salad I enjoyed coming right out of the winter garden I finished exactly four weeks ago. And a good mystery topped the evening off after a long physical day at work.

Simple pleasures? Perhaps.

Simplistic? I don't think so.

I write about my work and experiencing in managing people and people systems because I love what I do and want to share the benefit of those experiences with you for what they are worth.

I write about the things that bring me joy – my loved ones, my pets, my life – because it is instructive I think to see that even late in life the things that matter are the things that always did. Life is as mysterious or as obvious as we make it.

And even when we make mistakes, as I do, the things that matter sustain and remain and this is the essence of a life well-lived.

Soon I will rake the leaves, wash the dishes and Elf will realize she's hungry. As it's the weekend the chores around the house – changing the linens, tending the garden – will all be done. In due time. And a satisfaction with life and living continues and thrives just as still waters run the deepest.

Life is good and living is peace.

I hope your Sunday is an especially rewarding and satisfying one wherever you are in the world my friends.

There is always hope.



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