Best Blogs 5 December 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.

The latest ideas on organization life, personal collaboration and the power of work in life from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career.

Every week our theme emerges organically and the holiday season brings about reflections on thanks, joy – and bone-headed management moves.

These fine authors offer fresh and different perspectives on the intersection of life and work. Read on to test some of your own assumptions about life, practice and work.

Steve Browne is the ambassador of thanks always recognizing the power and impact of friends, family and #SoMe contacts. He's a nice role model. Here Steve gives us a new charge: take the time to thank someone who's influenced us without waiting for a holiday or conventional pressure. Do it because it's right. Pay it forward @SBrowneHR says

Gemma Reucroft delivers the “welcome to the team” message all bosses should share with new hires: that is, if the intent is to deflate and demotivate them from day one. Gem knows how important messaging is: here she's asks us if we've really thought through the impact of our words. Read @HR_Gem and you will get the impact too

Lotus Yon knows the art of leadership includs authentic thanks on a real time basis. Should you let your team know you appreciate them during the holiday season? Of course, says Lotus. Yet @Lotus_Yon asks the key question here: why not do it real-time all year long?

Kristina Minyard raises the call to action here: let's all take a step to stop childhood hunger now. Kristina often makes me laugh and sometimes wince in recognition of the foibles of the office practice but today's write is no laughing matter. @HRecruit wants you to invest in the future – by helping to feed a hungry child

Dawn Lennon suggests you work on your listening skills so you can examine what's reply being asked of you – before you plow ahead on a new course of action. With so much noise in the environment how do we know which path is right for us asks Dawn? Here's a tip from @BusinessFit – listen closely to the noise in the vortex, and then listen… To your heart

Kath reminds us the year end preoccupation is upon us? Only so many days left to shop, bake cookies and plan for healthy new habits for a happy new year. But why wait?, argues Kath. Isn't starting a healthy and new practice something we could do every day? Read @LittleDashOf and find out how

Ana J Urena has some secret powers: and they're going to stay that way! In this beautifully insightful write Ana underscores why it's better to show less than you are, rather than over promote the mundane. Develop an amazing relationship with yourself, says @QuarterVida. You can start that by reading Ana regularly

Thank you for reading this week's edition of #BestBlogs all about building and practicing meaningful worklife.

Each writer offers a practiced yet challenging perspective enabling us to re-examine our own positions. In life, look for those who challenge your thinking to help you grow!

Please come back in another seven days' time for further thoughts and do check the archives of #BestBlogs for other intelligent writers, thinkers and doers addressing important questions about worklife.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends.



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