Best Blogs 19 Dec 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.

The latest ideas on organization life, personal collaboration and the power of work in life from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career.

Every week our theme emerges organically and I this last week before Christmas we have some of the most beautiful works of the year as we examine the depths of our inner psyche and our relationship to work. And life.

These fine authors offer fresh and different perspectives on the intersection of life and work. Read on to test some of your own assumptions about life, practice and work.

Julie Drybrough offers the most compelling write I've seen all week: what systems are we using to capture – and more importantly to understand root cause of – organizational dissent. A remarkable piece of work easily among the year's best posts. Follow @Fuchsia_Blue for more intelligent analysis

Torben Rick warns workforce planning is rapidly growing in importance, perhaps to exceed financial planning in impact. And it's all about the numbers, isn't it. Maybe not argues Torben. Maybe it's a lot more about culture. Read @TorbenRick regularly for insightful and unusual ideas

Gemma Reucroft enjoys the nice hot beverage in the morning, and will be delighted to meet you in the cafe. Her only question, asked in this seminal piece, is which side of the counter will you be on. The reason @HR_Gem makes #BestBlogs so often is she's that good. Read Gemma

Lotus Yon realizes passion can burn unstoked only so long. Want to inspire your team, build engagement and get results? Try a little leadership says Lotus. A welcome gift to would-be leaders the world round from @Lotus_Yon

Karlina Millers reminds us that the interesection of talents and opportunities is a wonderful thing. And rather than believe we are infinitely capabale of anything, Karlina reasons a better approach to work, and life, is to match talent and need. But wait – isn't that what leaders do? Get smart: read @KarlinaErika

Steve Browne reminisces of those childhood Christmases spent laboring over the latest models! Now, all grown up, Steve still enjoys models. The difference here, as @SBrowneHR points out, is that today's models are self-made: just like yours could be. Never miss a read of Steve

Anne-Cécile Graber finishes off her year of blogging with a reassuring and resolute yes: to resolutions. This write covers some of the discoveries and learnings Anne-Cécile uncovered about herself, and others, as a result of a significant change she made. What can you learn wonders @AnneCecileGrbr

Thank you for reading this week's edition of #BestBlogs all about building and practicing meaningful worklife.

Each writer offers a practiced yet challenging perspective enabling us to re-examine our own positions. In life, look for those who challenge your thinking to help you grow!

Please come back in another seven days' time for further thoughts and do check the archives of #BestBlogs for other intelligent writers, thinkers and doers addressing important questions about worklife.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends.



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