Best Blogs 23 January 2015

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.

The latest ideas on organization life, personal collaboration and the power of work in life from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career.

Every week our theme emerges organically and this week finds us examine our role in work and life and trying to put things in the right perspective. History, love, emotion, purpose and more, it's all here. What a week.

These fine authors offer fresh and different perspectives on the intersection of life and work. Read on to test some of your own assumptions about life, practice and work.

Anne-Cécile Graber understands that three weeks into the new year many of us start to lose enthusiasm for our resolutions. What are we to do? How about join a motivation group asks @AnneCecileGraber. Better yet, why not even start one? In this refreshing write Anne-Cécile shows you how and helps you realize why

Gemma Reucroft has a beautiful piece here, deceptively sweet until it's real point hits home: the staus quo is not going to succeed. Like change or not, we need to understand it and accept the fact that we will often be uncomfortable. That is, if we ever want to get better. Another stellar work from @HR_Gem

Ernie Tamayo writes one of the most honest blogs around selflessly sharing the good and bad he's experienced and doing his best to learn from both. And that's the subject of this write by @ErnieTamayo. I have to tell you – I read him to feel good, and he never fails to deliver: even when I don't like the message, it always has meaning. Read Ernie

Ann E. Michael shares an evocative and provocative (see the comments) piece here about the need for poetry in understanding and remembering human emotion through history. A simply stunning write with references and predictions and a beautiful reflection on the value of things outside our normal routines. A must read

Helen Tracey write about redemption and reality and the role of faith in forming perspective. Simply one of the best writers out there today you are committing a sin if you do not read her regularly. See @HRPotential for a meaningful look into balancing our world view and self-image. Helen is absolutely that good

Will Thomson makes a solid case here for the future of recruting: typing purpose to roles to attract the people you really need. Beyond social skills, technical prowess and cultural fit, Will knows that finding purpose in work is what the best candidates seek. Read @WillRecruits to stay on the leading edge for recruiting and find the purpose in your role

Bonni Titgemeyer lands a blow for the truth in pointing out – quite correctly – that social media isn't to blame for our distracted-ness at work: we are. Here, @BonniToronto talks clearly about the myriad ways we used to find to avoid working – long before there was any #SoMe. Having trouble concentrating? You can't blame that on your friends and followers

Thank you for reading this week's edition of #BestBlogs all about building and practicing meaningful worklife.

Each writer offers a practiced yet challenging perspective enabling us to re-examine our own positions. In life, look for those who challenge your thinking to help you grow!

Please come back in another seven days' time for further thoughts and do check the archives of #BestBlogs for other intelligent writers, thinkers and doers addressing important questions about worklife.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world my friends.



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