Concierge Service

Its not what you think.

While Google, Apple and others in Silicon Valley are known for their employee perks, the concierge I’m talking about is all about butts in seats. Specifically high dollar butts that expect – and frankly should get – a flawless start-up experience in order to land them in their seats.

Let’s back up a step.

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine – actually I was listening to him moan – because a purple squirrel he’d finally landed was handled so poorly during the start-up with the new firm it looked like he might not stay. You know what happens when that occurs, right? “Free refills” as we like to call them in the recruiting world, or some other sort of financial penalty for the recruiter. Not to mention the turmoil the firm itself goes through if an expensive new hire is not onboarded well.

And let’s not forget the squirrel – er, person – isn’t having a good experience either.

Of course we want all employees to have a seamless start-up, but there are in fact a few – the rainmakers or hard to find candidates – who need a little extra love and attention. Why? Because if their onboarding isn’t seamless it hurts everyone. And the ROI for these candidates is damned important.

The Concierge concept is simple.

  1. A few roles are designated in your recruiting system (which could be a paper notebook or all the way to an ERM) as “special handling
  2. An internal resource, typically in HR or recruiting, is the handler: he or she sees all these openings and more importantly, sees when they’re filled
  3. The Concierge (handler) initiates contact with the new hire and is the single POC for every question of any sort pre-hire including all the mundane details of office space, phone, security ID, etc, etc. The Concierge follows all the standard company systems for creating a new employee but importantly makes sure they all work whatever it takes
  4. The candidate experiences a smooth onboarding and hits the ground running

Now many firms use a staffing coordinator to initiate these pre-hire actions and that’s fine. But the truth is very few firms have sound processes ensuring all these different components work well together without some oversight. And while sometimes the recruiter will play the concierge role informally because they know they landed a whale, the truth is most recruiters don’t have the time or patience to work through some of the Byzantine internal practices companies use to turn a candidate into an employee.

There’s a lot of “stuff” that needs to happen on time and correctly and for this consider a Concierge.

Its not a fulltime role so they’ll have plenty of other work to do but when an active candidate is secured for one of these “special handling” positions the Concierge knows to put these people first. Hard to find and hard to land candidates expect a stress-free onboarding with access to one number for issues and questions.

Do your firm a favor and implement the Concierge system to realize this, and all parties will be happier.

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