Do You Know Christopher In HR?


Carlos Escobar


This week I want to take a moment to recommend that you read the work of Christopher Demers, on his blog ChristopherInHR.

Christopher’s blog is one of my most consistent reads because of the healthy mix of advice, insight and pathways to other bloggers that he provides. When I “stroll” through my WordPress Reader, his posts are one of my most regular stops.

I think you should check out his blog, and add him to your regular reading list for two reasons. The work he produces in the areas of 1) Talent, Teams & Technology, and 2) the work he shares via his “Best Blogs” series.

1) Talent, Teams & Technology:

Christopher’s blog focuses on “talent, teams and technology”. He consistently posts on these topics in a manner that is easy to relate to what we do every single day. Each post is a relatively quick read and…

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