3 Keys to Monday Morning

Ah, Monday morning…

Few times of the week have such a distinct feel.

Whether you’ve had an invigorating few days as a weekend warrior, spent time catching up with the kids or just surfed the couch its time to head back to the office. For another five days… Is it Friday yet?

The truth though is that Monday can be your friend if you just look at it a little differently. Try these three tips to use your Monday as a launch pad to a great week.

  1. Priorities – You know that if you have than three priorities you really have none: no one can focus on more than just a few things. As you get back in the groove ask yourself a few reflective questions. What are you being comped on? How is your performance YTD? And what were those key objectives you mentioned in your last performance review? Monday morning is a great time to re-set and re-think your priorities. If it helps you to keep them written down and set in front of you, do it. Just remember this: focus wins. Don’t let the urgent subsume the important. Get your priorities straight and stay after them.
  2. People – You have a brand new week to build and strengthen relationships: take advantage of it. Workmates, partners and customers are all important – are you reaching out to them? The slights of last week, and the scrum of last month are all over, so start wherever you find yourself and reach out to others whether they’re in the same office or halfway around the world. This is especially important if you’re a manager of others – make Monday more palatable by being more personal. Don’t know how to be appropriately social in the office? Study those around you that are. These are social skills, and all skills can be learned. Monday is the day you start making your relationships – and your week – better.
  3. Present – Be here now. This is what will separate the winners from the would-be’s. While we have to remember the past so we are not “doomed to repeat” it, we need not stay stuck in the past. You work in a dynamic organization. Markets shift rapidly. World events drive change. Trees bend even in the fiercest wind seldom snapping because they’re designed to exist in the current circumstance, not the optimum weather. Deal with where you are today forthrightly as any energy spent longing for last week is wasted. Be here and now, be flexible and be ready for Monday to launch your week.

Some of us do not long to run back to the office on Monday mornings, but the truth is many don’t dread it either. Starting each week with good intent and a clean sheet of paper can transform your Monday into a day of performance positioning you for a great week.

Think about your Monday habits the next time you start longing for Friday at the beginning of the week.


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