Summer Days

Hello dear reader. Its no secret June has not been a blogging month for me: did you notice? Probably not. Like you, lots has been happening in the summer days (which start in May around here). The new position is fantastic - best decision I've ever taken was to say yes to my company - … Continue reading Summer Days


What if you committed to goodwill? Friday, bereft of sleep - having been on the road for a while changing time zones twice - and running on reserves (which I do not recommend) I had to make it through a trying day. What now? I thought, as I clambered into my clothes in readiness for … Continue reading Goodwill

Daily Dose

How do you start your day? I was intrigued in reading David Brooks' latest work - The Road to Character - that he referenced a practice I used to use and had lain aside. Invigorated to see it agian, I started re-using this tested tool and offer it to you: what I call a daily … Continue reading Daily Dose

Rocky Road

Do you like ice cream? If you like ice cream you really like it. I had a friend - a wispy thin woman - who kept several quarts in her freezer. Not one or two: several. Generous as most Southern women are you couldn't leave her house without being fed something delicious and homemade. But … Continue reading Rocky Road