Who Matters?

Who are you? Years ago The Who asked that very simple question. (The Who, by the way, absent the musical genius of John Entwistle and the manic drumming of Keith Moon turns out to be a very average band but I digress.) The question is not without meaning, Recently I was sharing coffee with a … Continue reading Who Matters?

Fly by Night

If you don't know where you're going, any road'll get you there. Maps are fine tools. Long before Apple maps and Google maps and all the other blank maps, we had real maps, paper maps. As a young dad we criss-crossed the country many times my then-wife reading the map (soon to be supplanted by … Continue reading Fly by Night


Have you learned the art of silence? Just yesterday I was having coffee with a friend as we reminisced about some of the places we've been and people we've known in common through several workplaces. When your gray hairs outnumber your brown hairs you get to reminisce. Anyway, it struck me later driving home that … Continue reading Credibility


You are here. Lately I've been writing a lot about communication, clarity, feedback and so on. Topics we all give lip service to but when the rubber meets the road we often clam up, cool down and chill out. What gives? We've talked recently about some of the structural and cultural reasons straight feedback is … Continue reading Honesty

The Long View

We struggle with this one. Often as I consult with friends and peers we come across the scourge of the realtime lifecycle: the inability to take the long view. Yet, if you seek to manage others, or even if you simply apply these parameters to romance or finance, the ability to think downstream regarding today's … Continue reading The Long View

The Message

What are you saying? Not long ago I lamented the fact that many poor performers don't know the actual truth about their workplace contributions. While there are several reasons for that, the key seems to be an unwillingness to have the tough conversations. Now why is that? Let's examine the challenges and solutions for driving … Continue reading The Message

Right to Know

Few things are sadder. Not long ago a friend of mine was commiserating about some nasty work she's had to do at her company. Okay, she was crying in her beer but at its heart, that's commiserating. Its no secret HR has its share of dirty business - seems like we become everyone's BFF when … Continue reading Right to Know

Its Nice to Be Back

Hi there. Its nice to be back. Yours truly took a month off, accidentally as it were, as a number of forces collided to sidetrack me. There is the wonderful position that opened almost magically after I turned down three other roles in the past few months. The rain that wouldn't stop that hurt many … Continue reading Its Nice to Be Back