Its Nice to Be Back

Hi there.

Its nice to be back.

Yours truly took a month off, accidentally as it were, as a number of forces collided to sidetrack me.

There is the wonderful position that opened almost magically after I turned down three other roles in the past few months. The rain that wouldn’t stop that hurt many and caused all us locals to rethink humility and family.  The new home – smaller than small but home nonetheless.

Yes, I was distracted.

But now back.

Back offering a perspective on the world of work and how we all may contribute to that being not simply a more profitable endeavor but a more meaningful one.

Focused and refreshed the early summer break a benign gift from the gods.

Part of my time away has been focused on the question of whether or not I want to continue to write. In almost 600 blogs in just three years I feel like I’ve just started to get my focus yet I want to stay true to that, so I used a few week away to get settled. Can I add value? Is there a perspective to share?

Here’s where we end up.

I deleted one of my three blogs – the one least read by the way – because it was extremely personal and probably not valued-added in the whole. A second one – a series on reflection of life – remains as it has some of the most heartfelt work I’ve ever done I think. [But, there’s no link you might say: no, there’s not. If you were meant to find it you will.] That leaves this – not my first blog, but perhaps my favorite.

ChristopherinHR is all about the human side of enterprise (thank you Douglas McGregor) and the role of HR in helping people realize potential, performance and – gasp – happiness in the workplace. Sometimes fun, often funny and very frequently touching on the bigger issues of fairness, equity and opportunity my blog will not always make you happy.

But pray I hope it makes you think. And draw you may your own conclusions.

ChristopherinHR is back and so with it its favorite cousin, BestBlogs.

I’ve quite the little rest.

Its good to be back in the fight.


11 thoughts on “Its Nice to Be Back

  1. I wasn’t quite sure where you were rambling to in your post today, but then . . . “Welcome back to the fight. . . . I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!” Thanks Chris and . . .Rick!

  2. I am truly happy that you are back and that you have made this decision. I think it`s important to sit back and ask whether this is still something that you want to do.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Thank you Julie. Very kind – and honest – words. We all need to reassess from time to time. Thank you.

  4. Welcome back and wishing you all the best. I love your stuff – you consistently write pieces that I find thought-provoking. I have struggled with the multiple blog issue in the past. The advice you’ve probably heard is that you should have one blog that you use as your vehicle, and then allow your readers to sort or dive into the topics that are of most interest. So last year I tried taking that advice, and combined all of my blogs into one. The result? MASSIVE writer’s block. I couldn’t speak to three different audiences at once. I seriously didn’t write a single post for about 6 months. I’m back to splitting them all up again, and it feels much better. Looking forward to reading more from you, and thanks again for the work it takes to do it!

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