Damage Control

Take the right step. As the peeps at VW are learning realtime, the best way to handle a crisis is not to have one. Yet many of us deal with potential crisis periodically. And while forgetting your third-grader's science project is indeed a nightmare (been there) I'm talking about problems in the office. Questions about … Continue reading Damage Control

We Got One!

Are you connected? Its no secret I like social media (see? I just told you so it can't be a secret). #SoMe has so many opportunities for connection and communication that if you simply apply a framework to it I believe you'll realize benefits regardless of your area of interest. Yes, I know some people … Continue reading We Got One!


Use it or lose it. Three times in my life I've been restricted to crutches. As a function of having a more than active lifestyle and just by living so long I've hurt myself more than once. Years ago I sprained both ankles in separate incidents just a couple years apart. If you've never sprained … Continue reading Atrophy

Bugs No More

An inconvenient truth is still the truth. Things have erupted so fast its hard to know where to start. Volkswagen AG (US ADR: VLKAY) lost 20% of its market cap on Monday and Tuesday saw its flagship stock drop another 18%, and this morning the CEO resigned. I know, I know, the contras are rushing … Continue reading Bugs No More

Round Two

Do you enjoy boxing? Probably not: the sweet science has been losing popularity for years but for every kid who ever took a turn in the ring growing up its almost a rite of passage. Yes, I know its not for everyone, but if you've ever seen the pure artistry of Muhammad Ali or the … Continue reading Round Two

The Weekend

Ah, the weekend beckons. Even though many around the globe have non-traditional work that requires odd hours, days, etc., for much of the workforce the weekend beckons. Even as I write my friends in New Zealand are well into their Friday night revelries, loud or soft as they may be. We cherish these few days. … Continue reading The Weekend

Talk is Cheap

What did you say? I've spent most of my life in the West, the American West that is for my world-wide friends. Except for a few minor forays to the East Coast, and some happier tromps to the Deep South, I generally shy away from anything that calls me east of the Mississippi or north … Continue reading Talk is Cheap

What About You

Start at the beginning. Decades of career counseling and coaching have taught me there are indeed a few fundamentals that really matter in just about every field. Building solid relationships, demonstrating integrity and empathy and having a solid technical foundation are chief among them. Yet there is an additional factor which may be the single … Continue reading What About You

Labor Day

Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it. Here in the USA its a holiday, Labor Day, that is. We celebrate organized labor's achievements even as we continue to ship the majority of their work overseas as fast as we can.  Actually, that's not true: few people really understand what Labor … Continue reading Labor Day