We Got One!

Are you connected?

Its no secret I like social media (see? I just told you so it can’t be a secret). #SoMe has so many opportunities for connection and communication that if you simply apply a framework to it I believe you’ll realize benefits regardless of your area of interest.

Yes, I know some people abuse the tool (if all you’ve got is a hammer, every problem tends to look like a nail…) but I don’t pay any attention to them and just assume they confuse #SoMe with Self Promotion. I’m sure there’s a convention somewhere where all these spammers hang around and say things like, “Well, I’m through talking about me! What do you think of me?!

Ergo, they get their just rewards.

But this week I’ve reencountered an old peril whose lineage can be traced back to the direct mail campaign era (you Milenialls go google that now…). Twice in the last week or so I got a response from a new connection (one LI and one on Twitter) that went something like ‘Its great to connect on xxx! Are you looking to enhance your training/recruiting/employee engagement/ERM/compensation/etc system? If so, we can help!’

Yippee. Glad we connected.

Now, I don’t really mind this as long as you don’t auto-DM me: as I’ve said since my first dip in the waters of Tweeting, Auto DM = Auto Delete. In fact, when you send me this silly form-note I’m assuming you really are prospecting and if I know people who are in fact looking for these things, I’ll respond to you with their information so you can see if they want to talk. I know I will because I did it as late as yesterday.

However the person I responded to yesterday apparently doesn’t have mastery of their email system because they sent me the same note today as they initially did (you see how hard it is to kill form letters? You leave them alone overnight in a warm server room and they just breed like rabbits in a warm dark space. Like, say, a warm server room.)  And the person I responded to last week? She doesn’t know English because she can’t find the keys that spell T-h-a-n-k Y-o-u.

Its a hard life. janine

I don’t blame them, I blame their bosses and their management. Who the hell decided to send out probing emails prospecting for leads and then not teach people what to do if someone actually responds? Even Annie Potts knew what to do.

You want to find leads? Teach your people how to connect, how to communicate, how to start a conversation with something more original than ‘thanks for connecting, are you looking to enhance…’ Teach them to give and take. To follow up. Teach them to say thank you.

And to check their friggin’ email.

As I say, I don’t hold these people responsible – they are simply doing what they’re told to or allowed to.

Now, who’s managing them is what I wonder?

We got one!


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