Not Like Me

There's a war in America. No, not overseas but in our living rooms, back rooms and board rooms. In a remarkable surge of xenophobic pandering we've become afraid of what we don't understand and so we stop thinking, lash out and assert anything not like us is bad because, as we all know, different is … Continue reading Not Like Me


What Comes

Personally, I will take what comes... The inscrutable Inspector Louis Renault (played so magnificently by Claude Rains) utters this memorable line to Major Strasser as the Major taunts the Inspector with the impending domination of the Axis powers in WWII. Casablanca, simply the best movie ever made, has so many moments of mirth, wit, patois, … Continue reading What Comes


A different treat today as I wrote a post for a friend of mine and she has published on her blog. Take a peek at Stardust... Be well my friends.

Commerce & Care

Ho Ho Ho... Th holidays have now safely passed - at least Christmas and New Year (for the love of Mike people, there is no plural in New ¬†Year) - as we slowly return to our pre-festive routines. Friends are returning home after time with family or maybe a ski trip (I personally avoid holiday … Continue reading Commerce & Care