End Game

Happy Easter. The Easter holiday for me is one of those days much like Thanksgiving that gives pause enabling me to offer thanks for my lot in life. Its true as you age life becomes a lot cleaner and more distilled as you realize there are only a handful of things that really matter so … Continue reading End Game

Bad Business

There are two sides to every story. The other day I talked about some examples of good business: if you missed that you can read it here. So it seems only natural to share a few samples of things gone wrong. This January I dropped my Amazon Prime membership: I just don't buy that much … Continue reading Bad Business

Women Not Allowed

The song remains the same. By now we should know we have a problem with women in the workplace. Despite the fact that they outnumber men (at least in the US) in total workforce population, percent of management and professionals, they cannot find their way into the C-suite. I’m constantly surprised people don’t know this. … Continue reading Women Not Allowed

Good Business

Do you like breakfast? It is the most important meal of the day you know... No matter what else I do, I make a good breakfast every morning . Did I mention I am a good cook? But Saturday was a beautiful sunny lazy day so I went out to my favorite breakfast place. And … Continue reading Good Business

The Art of Success

Are you happy or or are you successful? Can you be both? Yes. We are inundated with advice on success in business and commerce. The three steps to this, the five keys to that. If we would simply take a timeout and consume all this advice from bestsellers to morning tv to best blogs apparently … Continue reading The Art of Success

It’s Kuehl

In business as in life there are generally two types of people: those that have their act together and those that don't even know they don't. If you're feeling a little lost I suggest you hang out with my friend, Tiffany Kuehl. In social media we don't typically promote other people since we're so busy … Continue reading It’s Kuehl