It’s Kuehl

In business as in life there are generally two types of people: those that have their act together and those that don’t even know they don’t. If you’re feeling a little lost I suggest you hang out with my friend, Tiffany Kuehl.

In social media we don’t typically promote other people since we’re so busy promoting ourselves. It’s one of the reasons I don’t do a lot of #SoMe anymore: the bravado is boring. But Tiffany Kuehl is not typical, and today, on her birthday, she deserves a shout-out.

In the Twittersphere, Google + and LinkedIn you’ll run across a lot of people (some of you run over them) yet there are not many who you can actually build a bridge with. Tiffany knows how to make those connections real and make them meaningful: she’s a digital native.

Want to discuss staffing and recruiting? You’ll leave the convo with Tiffany a little bit smarter. Thinking about emerging business trends in an online age? Tiffany’s got you covered. Not sure how to add value, grow your discipline and participate in the HR community and its supporting organizations? Talk to Tiffany: she’s probably already done what you’re thinking about is only too glad to give you some perspective.

And therein lies the difference my friends. It’s easy to find people who boast about what they can do, who over- rotate in self-platitude and then ask for a few dollars to give you their insight. It’s a lot harder to be authentic. To listen first, to practice empathy, to think before you speak. Unless you’re Tiffany. In that case it comes naturally.

But perhaps the thing I appreciate most about Tiffany is her soul. She is one of the few people you can connect with online that recognizes when a tweet is really an expression of pain, when a blog is actually very personal and when an update deserves a response. When Tiffany reaches out, you know it’s heartfelt and sincere. She’s represents the connection we all seek. Soul to soul.

So on this, her birthday, why don’t you send her a nice hello if you mean it and if it’s been too long since you’ve said hi, take the time to exchange some ideas. It will feel great.

And if, by chance, you haven’t met Tiffany yet, take a moment to reach out. You’ll both be the better for it.

Happy Birthday Tiffany.



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