Are you grateful?

Yesterday I had a full day – between playing golf and then marshaling I was on the course for 14 hours and the peak temp was 99 (37 C for my global friends.) It was a long day.

I knew I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home, and that I’d have just enough energy for one stop. So I picked up the few little things I’d need for Sunday and was happily home by 9pm to enjoy a quiet Saturday evening and a good sleep-in the next morning.

As I put my clubs up and my groceries away for some reason it hit me: I forgot to buy coffee beans. I’d used the last bean for coffee early Saturday morning. If you don’t know how much I enjoy a cup of java in the early dark, perhaps this will help.

What to do.

I was hot, tired, dirty, hungry… and with stores not opening until 8am on Sunday the prospect of waking up (~6am!) with no coffee for two hours was daunting. I know: I could drive to a Starbucks (I think not) or another coffee shop. But we’re Austin and we don’t do coffee before 8 on Sunday because we’re too cool. And besides, the beauty of Sunday morning is precisely the fact you can get up whenever you want, skip shaving and lounge as long as you like with your coffee. At home.

There was only one thing to do: walk to the market now (less than 10 minutes away by foot) and buy beans before the store closed at 10pm. Yes, after I had cleaned up and put everything away and started to relax I would have to go out for one more chore. As Pooh would say, oh bother.

And then it hit me. I should be grateful I remembered before it was too late to do anything.

And then it really hit me: if lacking coffee beans is my biggest dilemma I should be really grateful. And you should too.

We live in a world where people lack freedom (and in the US we remember on Monday those who died preserving ours), food, housing or meaningful work. Where access to transportation and heath care and representation are nonexistent. Where random and targeted violence tear at the seams not just of society but at the very fabric of families too as incident after incident makes us wonder what the world is coming to.

We should be grateful for trivial problems like having to run to the store. At least we have stores which are stocked and the money to buy things there.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy peace and family and friends.

And maybe the next time a small upset occurs you’ll keep things in perspective (better than I) knowing we really do have so much to be grateful for. And knowing that, is great.



4 thoughts on “Greatness

  1. My grandmother used to say “That should be your biggest problem.” when she heard about a dilemma like that, and now I use that expression all the time – to myself, and to others!

    Thanks for the reminder.

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