We Want You! (sort of…)

No thank you.

Sam and I go back for years having met at a tech company and keeping up with each other since. He’s a good guy, talented as an HR Business Partner and his skills are above average. He has a strong brand.

Last November a tech firm reached out to Sam, and over a couple of weeks conducted a screening call, a first-round interview and, finally, round two with the hiring manager. He was still feeling interested although he mentioned the hiring manager was unclear about what she wanted.

Uh-oh. IMG_0202

There was a time gap due to the Christmas holiday, which the recruiter called out. Unfortunately, the “ten-day” gap turned into four weeks. Sam said he’d forgotten about the position assuming they’d found someone else, or, just didn’t like him.

But no, they said they were just “busy.” An on-site interview was set up and now the fun really began. Over a cold beer afterwards, Sam noted:

  • The receptionist didn’t recognize the staffing coordinator’s name and couldn’t find the site contact
  • Once located, the contact repeatedly told Sam he was half an hour early – although his invite included the time he actually arrived
  • The “on-site” interview was actually just one with the rest via video. Sam wondered why they just couldn’t do all of them by video
  • Several of the interviewers clearly felt like Sam was too senior – perhaps he is but again, the hiring manager couldn’t clearly iterate her priorities
  • The hiring manager was actually late to their scheduled interview, somewhat disorganized and interrupted Sam (more than once) essentially disagreeing with his approach to HRBP
  • Sam asked several people about values – near and dear to my heart as well – and no one could iterate them cleanly

Suffice to say Sam sent the obligatory “thank you but no thank you” note later.

The candidate experience is not dead yet, but if this is your process your talent pipeline will be.

In the war for talent every step counts as the candidate experience is as much a product of what the candidate thinks of the prospective employer as it is the other way around.

If you really want someone, you ought to put enough effort into the hiring process to show it. Unless you too, want to hear no thanks.

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