Fall Out

Everything in its season. There is no question the world's a little colder place in the fall. While my friends south of the equator are fast heading towards spring, we in the northern climes are snuggled into fall looking towards the Equinox and winter's arrival some seven weeks' hence. Baby, it's cold outside. Yet, it's … Continue reading Fall Out

Brand New

My latest for PIC... Its not what you say... Claire was apoplectic going on about the unfairness of it all. "I've got a huge SoMe footprint, profiles in all the right places, I blog like a speed freak on a caffeine break and still I can't get my brand through! WTF!" Claire exclaimed as we … Continue reading Brand New

It’s Kuehl

In business as in life there are generally two types of people: those that have their act together and those that don't even know they don't. If you're feeling a little lost I suggest you hang out with my friend, Tiffany Kuehl. In social media we don't typically promote other people since we're so busy … Continue reading It’s Kuehl

We Got One!

Are you connected? Its no secret I like social media (see? I just told you so it can't be a secret). #SoMe has so many opportunities for connection and communication that if you simply apply a framework to it I believe you'll realize benefits regardless of your area of interest. Yes, I know some people … Continue reading We Got One!


Sometimes just a moment will do. I was looking down at the street from my fourth-floor office trying to determine how wet it was. I rode my bike to work and wanted to see if it was dry enough to ride home for lunch later. A well-dressed man strode to his car parked along the … Continue reading Redemption

Anti Social

The secret is out. The bloom is off the social media rose. Whether you're a newbie or an old salt (okay, a veteran...) the truth is now becoming apparent: social media has morphed into selling, or advertising, with very little social left. Now, I am not a social media guru - in fact, I don't … Continue reading Anti Social

Virtual Joy

I'm so happy for you. My good friend Rebekka Steg is leaving one fine company, Oracle, to join another, Dropbox. And my first reaction upon hearing that was how happy I am for her, and for the people she's worked with, and will. She's the real deal Rebekka. It got me wondering about how pure … Continue reading Virtual Joy

The Thin Skin

Beware the thin skin of social media.At least twice in the last seven days I've antagonized people I actually like on #SoMe. I say at least because these are only the ones I know about. There may well be - probably are - others where people were annoyed but didn't bother to say so.At least … Continue reading The Thin Skin


Connect with me.Let's talk about the elephant in the room, the underside of social media. The connection factor.How and who are you really connected to?Dark AgesIn days past "networking" meant getting business cards, going to conferences, or volunteering. To do that you had to see the people you were networking with. To do that you … Continue reading Disconnected

#SoMe isn’t So Me

Are you a guru?A ninja? Do you brandish a light saber as you don your Jedi apparrel?Enough word play (although alliteration is always alluring...)#SoMe is yet a wilderness fraught with wrong turns, dry wells and false promise. Should you dive headlong into Pinterest? What's your Instagram footprint? Does Foursquare have any relevance, and just what … Continue reading #SoMe isn’t So Me