It's a soft winter's night. The moon is nearing full and shines warmly through the cloudless sky. I sit on the porch reflecting on the goodness of life surrounded by the sounds of the city offset by my chimes swaying softly overhead. People are walking, the breeze is blowing and the city seems calm. It's … Continue reading Winter


Running in the Dark

Do you run in the dark? I live on a running trail surrounding a pond. Oh the trail isn't long, but it is right outside my door. So when I'm not running on it I'm often looking at it. Sitting on my porch admiring the view from the intersection of one of Austin's busiest corners. … Continue reading Running in the Dark

Who Matters?

Who are you? Years ago The Who asked that very simple question. (The Who, by the way, absent the musical genius of John Entwistle and the manic drumming of Keith Moon turns out to be a very average band but I digress.) The question is not without meaning, Recently I was sharing coffee with a … Continue reading Who Matters?

Summer Days

Hello dear reader. Its no secret June has not been a blogging month for me: did you notice? Probably not. Like you, lots has been happening in the summer days (which start in May around here). The new position is fantastic - best decision I've ever taken was to say yes to my company - … Continue reading Summer Days

I Miss My Friend

In memory

Carlos Escobar


On Saturday morning, I received a call from my director, who broke the news that my friend Janet had passed away overnight.

Janet was an incredible blessing, the kind of person who lived abundantly. There was always a place for you at her table, literally and metaphorically. She was open to everyone, and yet held her family and friends closest to her when she was faced with insurmountable health challenges.

I worked with Janet and was also lucky enough to call her my friend. We greeted each other as “Buddy”, we took walk breaks at work, we shared a thousand inside jokes, we talked endlessly about “The Walking Dead” and we played Words With Friends long after it stopped being cool.

We laughed more than our fair share. We made fun of life and work much more than we probably should have. We used our unofficial team catchphrase of “can’t…

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The Power

You're stronger than you think.Over the last twenty years or so we have steadily reduced the number of managers (as a percent of the workforce) across the globe. At the macro level this is good driving out redundancies and inefficiencies although if you personally were right-sized or re-assigned it probably didn't feel too well at … Continue reading The Power

Do You Know Christopher In HR?


Carlos Escobar


This week I want to take a moment to recommend that you read the work of Christopher Demers, on his blog ChristopherInHR.

Christopher’s blog is one of my most consistent reads because of the healthy mix of advice, insight and pathways to other bloggers that he provides. When I “stroll” through my WordPress Reader, his posts are one of my most regular stops.

I think you should check out his blog, and add him to your regular reading list for two reasons. The work he produces in the areas of 1) Talent, Teams & Technology, and 2) the work he shares via his “Best Blogs” series.

1) Talent, Teams & Technology:

Christopher’s blog focuses on “talent, teams and technology”. He consistently posts on these topics in a manner that is easy to relate to what we do every single day. Each post is a relatively quick read and…

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Kill them with kindness. The other day a client engaged me in a thoroughly pissed-off manner. I'm not sure what had happened in the earlier part of his day but when he reached me he was already in a foul mood. In other words, he was like that when I found him. He called looking … Continue reading Kindness

January 19- One Lovely Blog Award

January 19- One Lovely Blog Award.

Three principles for 2015: kindness, Wisdom, Gratitude

Three principles for 2015: kindness, Wisdom, Gratitude.