Eso Depende

Depende. Years ago I learned to scuba dive in Cozumel. In many ways it was the trip of a lifetime. One of the most memorable elements to me however was the sanguine response of my scuba instructor every time I asked a question. "Depende," he would respond rarely ever changing his demeanor. At the time … Continue reading Eso Depende

Feedback as Gift

I have a present for you. No really, its a gift. And, if you follow a few simple guidelines, you can re-gift this over and over and take the art of re-gifting to a new level. Not long ago one of my financial institutions disappointed me. Now to be clear it wasn't the entire "institution" … Continue reading Feedback as Gift


Sometimes just a moment will do. I was looking down at the street from my fourth-floor office trying to determine how wet it was. I rode my bike to work and wanted to see if it was dry enough to ride home for lunch later. A well-dressed man strode to his car parked along the … Continue reading Redemption


Its not just how you start a job. Over the course of your career you're going to leave more than a few positions. Depending on the survey you look at you'll have between 8-12 employers and countless "jobs" within those firms. You're going to be doing a lot of moving around. In many ways thats … Continue reading Leaving


They say familiarity breeds contempt. I'm not sure I'd go that far but it does in my experience lead to undervaluing what you have. In career and culture its easy over time to let familiarity dull our senses. Any excessive knowledge of something lets our mind put it in a box attaching certain meaning to … Continue reading Contempt

Empty Vessel

Fill yourself. Yesterday I spoke of the need for professional development. While this is important it's only half the picture. What we really need beyond just that is personal development. Some professions - health care, managing people, teaching - take a lot out of us. These are fields requiring a great deal of giving, time, … Continue reading Empty Vessel


How's the weather?Like you perhaps I sometimes check the weather forecast. Which is, considering the amount of time I spend indoors or in a car, sort of funny. I mean it doesn't matter that much.In the past I've been involved in several different agricultural businesses. Believe me, I paid a lot more attention to the … Continue reading Forecast


Are you ready? It's that time of year for young and old to review, reflect and reset goals. Whether you do this consciously and deliberately or through fits and starts, many of us use the end of the calendar year to think about what will be in setting goals. Now, if you need help with … Continue reading Goals

The Bell Ringer

Ring your bell.There's an old grocery store here - well, 40 years, old by US standards - that I don't use much. You see I can walk to two others and they're both organic so I don't need the first often. But it is near and big and every now and then I stop in. … Continue reading The Bell Ringer


Happiness is an inside job. Longtime readers know I often write about satisfaction, contentment and gratitude - variations on the theme of happiness - in relation to work. Now sometimes people get confused: is this guy writing about work, or happiness? Yes.You see, while there may never be a perfect job life isn't designed like … Continue reading Goodness